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Krista Zolton: Her Campus Kent State President

Name: Krista Zolton

Hometown: Saginaw, Michigan

Major: Fashion Merchandising

Age: Senior, 21


Her Campus: How did you get involved with Her Campus?

Krista Zolton: It kind of happened by chance. I first heard about Her Campus at my old school (Krista attended Central Michigan until her junior year). When I got to Kent, I started doing the publicity stuff after making a beeline for the table at Blastoff.


HC: How did you end up becoming President?

KZ: I started on the social team, then applied to a few positions and got Publishing Marketing Director. Our former President, Gabrielle, got a full-time position with G.E, so over Christmas break she reached out to me and asked if I wanted to be President!

HC: What is the most challenging part about being the President?

KZ: I think the nature of the role, delegating and making sure everything’s running smoothly. There aren’t really set duties, so sometimes nothing is going on, sometimes everything is going on. I’m still in the transition stage of this role.


HC: Most rewarding part?

KZ: I think the most rewarding part is seeing our chapter grow and seeing girls coming in and gaining real life experience. We’re a support system for each other in publishing, public relations and even merchandising. It’s great to be a resource for them.

HC: What is your overall goal for members of Her Campus Kent State?

KZ: I want to make it a unique experience for journalism and public relations. I want to make it something they’ll want to talk about in interviews and just give them that real world experience.


HC: How has this chapter evolved since you’ve been a member?

KZ: We have a lot more diversity than we did when I first started. It used to be mainly journalism and PR majors, but now we’ve expanded to different majors and personalities, which I think brings more to the table.

HC: What are you most excited for in the next upcoming months?

KZ: I’m really looking forward to Her Week! We have some cool events planned. It’s such a good time for the chapter to get out in the community with the people who read our articles.


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Twitter: @KayZolt

Instagram: @KayZolt


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