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Kent State PINK’s Wear Everywhere Bra Party

Your Kent State PINK Campus Representatives are hosting a bra party this Thursday, October 27th from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at Belden Village Mall! Join your reps to celebrate the Wear Everywhere Bra by Victoria’s Secret PINK.  Your reps will have tons of offers, coupons, deals and sweet treats that you won’t want to miss!

Some deals offered at the PINK Wear Everywhere Bra Party inlcude: 

Score two free PINK panties when you buy a PINK bra 

Score two free PINK panties with a $30 PINK purchase 

For all the details on this event and future events, follow your Kent State PINK Reps on social media:

Twitter: @KentStatePINK

Instagram: @kentstatepink

Snapchat: ‘KentStatePink”

Facebook: “Kent State PINK” 

Senior at Kent State | Victoria's Secret PINK Campus Rep
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