Jordan Korinek: Academic All-American

Jordan Korinek is an Academic All-American for Kent State’s Women’s Basketball team. This season she averaged 18.2 points per a game and 7.1 rebounds per game and is an 1,000 point scorer. While doing all of this, she maintains a 4.0 in Special Education.

Name: Jordan Korinek

Major: Special Education

Hometown: Cuyahoga Falls, OH


Her Campus: What made you choose Kent State University?

Jordan Korinek: I wanted to stay close to home so I was lucky with Kent State because they offer such a great campus and family-like atmosphere in the community and on the basketball team. They also have a good education program and academics are important to me, so that was one of the biggest factors in choosing Kent.


HC: What’s your favorite memory from this season?

JK: This season I have to say probably being MACC East champs. Beating Ohio at home to clinch it outright was probably my favorite memory.

HC: What are some challenges you faced this season? What are some goals you have set for yourself for next season?

JK: Personally, during my non-conference I didn’t do the best that I could’ve done and I kind of just fought through it with my coaches help. By the time we reached conference play, I kind of picked up my skills to help my team out. My goal for the next season is that I want to be MACC East champs again. I want to also win it all this year and go to the NCAA tournament.


HC: How far did the team make it this year?

JK: We got to Cleveland, but we lost in the first round. We ended up winning the whole conference though.


HC: If you could play one-on-one against any basketball player, who would it be?

JK: For men, probably Lebron James. For women, I’d want to play against Maya Moore.

HC: What are you looking forward to next season?

JK: We’re getting a lot of new teammates and so I’m looking forward to just teaching them the culture of Kent State’s Women's Basketball. I am also looking forward to helping lead them throughout the season, to reach the goal’s we want to accomplish. Goals such as becoming the MACC tournament champions.

HC: What’s the best piece of advice for aspiring student-athletes?

JK: Just to always work hard because at times it’s going to be tough balancing school and basketball. Putting the work in for both of those is hard, but it’s definitely worth it. So just stick with it and use your time wisely.

HC: How do you manage being a student-athlete and keeping up with your school work?

JK: Really it’s just time management. You have to prioritize what’s more important at that time. You may sacrifice doing that extra thing with your friend, outside teammates. Just prioritizing the work and setting aside a time at the beginning of the week to work on your school work.

HC: How do you bounce back after a bad game?

JK: Usually with the help of my teammates. Teammates are always there to pick you up, and our coaching staff is also awesome. They always have words of encouragement for you.

HC: What do you want to do once you graduate?

JK: I want to try and pursue a career overseas. First playing basketball, and then I either want to become a college basketball coach or pursue a special education teaching job; still kind of deciding on that.

HC: If you could play for any team, who would it be?

JK: Notre Dame, probably. I love their coach and the program there, so that would probably be the next school after Kent State.

HC: Is that where you would want to coach, too?

JK: That would be a definite dream job of mine, to coach at Notre Dame.