An Interview with Kent Fabrics

Today Her Campus is sitting down with Alexa Meliton, Sophomore at Kent State and a representative for an exciting new business called Kent Fabrics! Alexa graciously took time to answer some of our questions about this awesome project she has been working on, lets dive in!

Tell me a little bit about what Kent Fabrics is and what you guys are all about.

Alexa: Kent Fabric's mission is to provide students with access to high quality apparel fabrics at an affordable price and convenient location. Since getting fabrics and supplies usually has to come from a retailer a significant drive or online order away, we wanted to provide students with a more accessible option.

How did you get involved with Kent Fabrics?

Alexa: Last year, I saw a flyer promoting Kent Fabrics because Symone had already been selling online. I knew this idea was something big and I had to know more about it. I immediately emailed Symone and she asked if I would be interested in helping her with the business. It was an opportunity I couldn't pass up! Since then an entire Kent Fabrics team has been established.

Can you tell me about your role in the organization?

Alexa: I am Kent Fabrics' public relations manager. My role basically consists of contacting publications or media influencers to help spread the word about our store. I have also been working with our extremely generous donors who played a pivotal role in our funding as we were obtaining our brick and mortar location. I love working with the people who have helped make the Kent Fabrics dream into a reality and promoting our store to potential customers!

What has been the biggest challenge Kent Fabrics has faced throughout this process?

Alexa: One of our greatest struggles has been funding. We have a lot of big dreams and big ideas and that takes big money. With the help of our monetary and fabric donors and our amazing founder, Symone (who has conducted everything and funds Kent Fabrics out of her own pocket), we have been able to start our brick and mortar store!

How do you see Kent Fabrics in the future and where the business is headed?

Alexa: I really hope to see Kent Fabrics take off and become a hub for fashion students. I think that we could eventually become the "Mood Fabrics" of Kent. 

What do you want the students of Kent to understand about your business?

Alexa: Kent Fabrics is a business by students, for students. We want our customers to know that we want to work with them to fulfill the sewing needs. We understand the difficulty of purchasing high quality apparel fabrics and we strive to make this process quick and painless. Kent Fabrics prides itself with our fabric and supplies delivery service and our ability to work with students to get them the fabrics and supplies they need.

How can we help support Kent Fabrics?

Alexa: Support Kent Fabrics by checking out our store! We share a space with a local retailer, Handcrafted, located at 175 E Erie Street. I would love to see all you readers at our soft opening December 3rd, 2018 to get any of your last minute sewing project supplies or celebrate the end of the semester with some refreshments! If you can't make it then, please join us for a cocktail reception on Saturday, January 19, 2019 to celebrate our grand opening!

Thanks so much again to Alexa and Kent Fabrics for giving an inside view of their awesome journey to creating Kent Fabrics. All of us at Her Campus wish them well on their grand opening, hope to see you there!

Check out their website here!

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Instagram: @kentfabrics

Twitter: @KentFabrics