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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kent State chapter.

My Instagram is a place with myriad of different purposes: it allows me to procrastinate, I can scroll while i’m waiting for someone to arrive, and it can give me outfit inspiration. I am a person who always likes to look funky fresh, but I sometimes struggle to put an outfit together. Sometimes I have to consult the ‘gram and admire the accounts of fashionable people who will help put together an amazing outfit. The following is a list of Instagram account that are my go to for inspiration!


I love this woman’s style because it is a perfect blend of vintage and new pieces. She is not afraid of color and she blends so many different styles together so that she is always new and interesting. I check her Instagram for everyday looks because she has lot of simple ideas but she always spices it up in some unique way. Also, her Instagram stories are always full of recommendations for stores as well as her travels; she keeps her Instagram really fun and interactive for her followers!


I’m probably going to say “I love this person!” in a lot of these descriptions… but I love Paloma. She is a gorgeous model who is spreading the message of body positivity to young women, so she is incredible and I’m obsessed with her. Her account has a super cool aesthetic and her outfit are so groovy. I look a Paloma’s account when I’m feeling colorful or bold. She uses color in her clothing in such a fun way and her outfits give off such a chic-cool vibe! She’s not afraid to mix patterns which just makes her outfits even better. Paloma inspires me to take risks with outfit and rock it with confidence.


I hope one day to have closet that looks exactly like hers because for everything that appears on this Instagram,mI think, “I would cherish that forever and wear it all the time.” Her clothing is amazing and she should win an award for how well she can put an outfit together. I look at her Instagram page every day and I hope that one day I may look as cool as her. When I go thrifting I try to find pieces that look likes her. She has lot of unique pieces mixed with high quality staples and she always looks put together and cool. My favorite outfit of hers is her wearing an oversized yellow roadrunner sweater with this beautiful light blue gingham prairie skirt; it’s a perfect mix of comfort with a feminine flair, which I’m always striving to achieve!


Another Instagram account that I look at every day for outfit inspiration is @monosigne. This girl knows how to wear colorful sweaters and always pulls them off perfectly, never looking like she shopped at children’s store. She uses a lot of color in her wardrobe which seems to bring a happiness even in the darkest coldest days of winter. You can tell she has a lot of fun getting dressed and that it’s not about other people think of her outfit, but rather what she thinks, and that’s what I love about this Instagram account.


If you looked up Parisian chic in dictionary, you would find this women’s picture. Her style has a minimalist quality to it that I will always want but will never have. Her style is one that depends on a good turtleneck and great pants. I view her Instagram page when I’m feeling like a low maintenance outfit with few components. She reminds me that sometimes the subtlest pieces do the most!


Richie Shazam’s style screams confidence and boldness. She embraces bold fashion and is owning every minute of it. Her style reminds me that sometimes I should step out my comfort zone and try something new. Her style consists of a lot unique pieces that represent what she stand for her and how she lives her life. I check her Instagram page when I need a confidence booster or I just bought a really unique piece that I’m nervous to wear.


Other Favorite Instagrams to check out:

@oldceline, @LeandreMCohen, @Double3xposure, @MariaBernad, @OurSecond Skin



Elaina Mendiola

Kent State '22

Elaina is a Fashion Merchandising major at Kent State University. She enjoys watching movies, hanging out with her dogs, thrifting, listening to podcasts, and being with friends. As a Her Campus writer, she hopes to share her passions of fashion and feminism while making others laugh along the way. Her very favorite things are her dog Priscilla, Manrepeller, and the podcast True Crime Obsessed.
Junior at Kent State, with a mojor in journalism and a minor in fashion media. I like to write about fashion, lifestyle and Harry Styles.