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I Am Empowered Because of My Sorority, Not in Spite of

I am a sorority woman, and unfortunately that title often comes with lots of stereotypes: sororities are an excuse to party, all sorority women are the same, I am just buying my friends, etc. Sadly, the people who form these stereotypes do not understand what being a sorority woman truly means.

Greek life isn’t for everyone, but it deserves respect as the empowering community I know it to be. It is a community that raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for local and national philanthropies. It is a community that has some of the highest grades, and highest involvement. It is a community that inspires and pushes the strong leaders and speakers of tomorrow.

In honor of female empowerment week, I talked to a few of the many wonderful women in my sorority to find out what empowerment means to them. In doing this, I was even more in awe of the unique talents, immense kindness and beautiful spirit of these sorority women. I asked them what female empowerment means to them, and if they had a special female role model in their life. These are their inspiring answers.

Ailis Dillon: “To me, empowerment is being able to mentor others and influence the lives around me. I’m studying special education and I feel that will allow me to be able to make a positive difference for my future students. I am empowered to use my voice for the better of lives.

Role Model: Her mother

Caroline Foutty: “Female empowerment is females working together to realize their true potential. It is taking all the opportunities they receive, and helping other females see how strong and powerful they are. Being in a sorority has let me meet so many amazing ladies and it is helping me grow into a strong, young woman.”

Role Model: Her mother

Alice Marron: “To me, female empowerment is being encouraged by women around me to work harder and be the best version of myself. Chi Omega empowers me because the women in the chapter push me to achieve what I am capable of while always supporting me when I need them.”

Role Model: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Camryn Stephens: “Female empowerment to me means women supporting women. I find being in a sorority extremely empowering. Each girl has their own uniqueness that they bring to the sisterhood. There is never a time when we aren’t hyping each other up, I am so proud of my sisters and everything they do.

Role Model: Lady Gaga

Kaylei Couglar: “Female empowerment to me is working hard to achieve your goals and pushing other women to achieve theirs. By being in a sorority, I always feel empowered to pursue my dreams and a, surrounded by sisters who are so supportive.

Role Model: Her grandmother

My personal definition of female empowerment has been shaped by my sorority and the women that make it up. My favorite part in doing this was discovering how everyone’s definition of empowerment is different.  Everyone has something different that inspires them, pushes them, and makes them happy. To me, that is the beauty of the empowerment.

In my opinion, the title of sorority woman is an honor, a responsibility and a privilege. It is a badge I wear constantly, full of dedication, pride and absolute awe. I am empowered because of my sorority, not in spite of.


Katie is a Junior Fashion Merchandising major at Kent State with a minor in marketing. Katie is involved in multiple organizations on campus and has a special interest in social media and visual merchandising. She plans to graduate in December of 2021 and hopes to pursue a career in which she can utilize her creative writing skills and conscientious work ethic.
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