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I have read a total of 120 books this year and in the past three years, I have read over 300 books. Whenever I tell people this, they are typically shocked and confused about how I have so much time on my hands. Making time for reading is not simple, but anyone can do it.

I always recommend for others to check their screen time on their phone before saying they do not have enough time to read. I spend too much time on social media and I am sure many people would relate to that. So I set time limits on my social media apps because spending less time on social media is healthier for everyone and also clears some time in the day for reading.

Scheduling time in your day for reading can also be very beneficial. Sometimes I will set aside thirty minutes after one of my classes to read. It can relax me after a stressful class, three-hour lectures can be draining, and also recharge me to do homework.

My best tip that always lets me squeeze reading into my day is reading at least one chapter before bed. Of course, sometimes chapters in books are so long that this may not be realistic (I’m talking about you, Cassandra Clare). But even reading until a page break or 10 pages before bed is doable!

Also, most people I know are on their phones before going to bed or watching a TV show. Having screen time before bed is not beneficial to falling asleep. So, taking a break from screen time to read a chapter is calming and also can help you fall asleep more quickly.

Making time for reading can be difficult if you do not have an available supply of books. Buying books in bulk can be very pricey. I would recommend buying from thrift stores, second-hand bookstores or looking at the Little Free Libraries in your area. Even looking at your local library is always a good option. Using your local library also provides a lot of variety without having to purchase everything you read. So, if you are having trouble finding what genre you are drawn to, using the library may be a good option to test out different genres.

Joining a book club can always be helpful to read more. Being able to discuss the book with others can make it more exciting and also holds you accountable for reading the book. Book clubs help set the pace to read the book. This can force you to make time to read, in order to be caught up with the rest of the club. Sometimes having that push can help to make more time for reading.

Doing reading sprints can also be really beneficial to make more time to read. Reading sprints are when you sit down for a brief time period, around 10 to 20 minutes, and read. Sometimes people push reading as sitting down for hours and dedicating all that time to getting a good way through the book. This can be very intimidating, especially if you’re just getting into reading, but reading for 10 minutes is quick and also doable.

I also highly highly recommend audiobooks. Our society emphasizes multitasking and sometimes I feel unproductive by just sitting and reading a book. Plus reading a physical book while doing something else is not very plausible. Audiobooks, however, solve this dilemma. I love to listen to a book while doing simple things like folding laundry, painting my nails or getting ready in the morning.

Audiobooks can sometimes be expensive as well, especially if you go through them as quickly as I do. I highly recommend downloading the apps Libby or Overdrive. These apps connect to your local library’s online database and allow you to check out audiobooks (and e-books) for free! Sometimes there are holds, especially on newly added titles or popular titles, but there are always books that are available. Plus usually, the hold times are no longer than a couple of weeks.

Reading is something I am very passionate about and making time for it is not always easy. Especially when it comes to balancing, but these tips have helped me with getting back on track to reading more. Especially because my reading pace has dropped recently because my schoolwork has been particularly demanding.

I hope this helped for making more time for literature in your life! Especially because we are nearing fall and winter weather and will be staying inside more. Nothing is more comforting than cuddling up with a warm blanket and book.

Happy reading!

Allison Conkey

Kent State '23

Hello! I’m Allison and I’m a junior at Kent State majoring in Human Development and Family Studies with a minor in psychology. I am a cat mom (and a cat aunt!) and most of my free time is spent reading. I enjoy hiking, spending time with friends, and taking life in at my own pace.
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