How to Stay Focused in Classes that aren't for Your Major

With the start of a new semester comes the start of new classes. Whether these are classes you are excited about or classes you’re taking for general education requirements, it can be hard to stay focused in classes that don’t pertain to you. No one wants to sit in an hour and 15 minute class that's about something uninteresting to you. Hopefully these tips will help you stay focused in even the most boring of classes!

1. Sit up front

I hate sitting up front in all of my classes but it's the only thing I've found that helps me pay attention in big lecture halls. This way I’m less likely to be on my phone, and more likely to pay attention and take detailed notes.

2. Hand write your notes

By hand writing your notes, you are less likely to be distracted by social media on your laptop. I know when I used to take notes on my laptop I would be scrolling through Pinterest rather than taking notes on the slides. This way by hand writing all my notes, I’m more focused on what the professor is saying rather than scrolling through twitter on my laptop.


3. Talk to your professor


If you are struggling in a class, especially a class you aren’t interested in, talk to your professor either after class or during their office hours. They can refer you to other resources on campus if you still don’t understand the material.

4. Sign up for a tutor

One of the best things about Kent is there are an abundance of resources for its students. Kent has two options for tutors: drop in tutoring or scheduled tutoring. If you are really struggling with a subject, sign up for a scheduled tutor that meets with you once a week.


5. Silence your phone


One thing I struggle with the most, is being distracted by my phone in class. By turning it on do not disturb mode, I don’t check my phone as much. This definitely helps me pay more attention to the lecture and presentation.

Good luck this semester and stay focused!