How to Rock Fall Trends on Campus

I’m here to announce that summer is over and Fall has officially started! I mean.. not really but you know a girl can dream. If you ignore the fact that I’m a pool of sweat by the time I get to class and everyone around me is still wearing shorts, then heck yeah its fall time, spooky season or the greatest time of the year! Whatever you want to call this glorious leggings and hoodie weather. If you’re like me then you’re already scouting out the best places to pick pumpkins and the best haunted houses around as well as stocking up on sweaters.

But as comfy as sweaters are, sometimes it’s nice to branch out and wear something different but still on trend for the fall season. So after looking at endless pictures of runways from Fall/Winter fashion week, I’ve put together what I believe to be some of the biggest fashion trends for fall that you can easily rock on campus!

Busy Prints

Mixing prints was all over the runway, like mixing florals with animal print. All you have to do it know how to mix them well enough that you don’t look like a grandma’s outdated couch. Christian Dior’s Fall runway showed lots of busy prints.

How to rock it on campus:

You don’t have to take your bust prints to the extreme, you can rock a floral dress with some stripes or even mix a floral dress with some shapes and bright colors .

Faux Fur

Faux fur is always a staple fall piece. It’s cute yet practical since it will keep you warm but also ensure that you’re always on trend. Faux fur is also always the way to go, as real fur is inhumane. Why not just go with faux and you get the same look without harming any animals? 

How to rock it on campus:

Fur can be tricky, you can have a fur trimmed coat and look adorable and trendy, or you could look like you murdered your rich old husband and inherited his funds. But a cute but simple way to rock the faux fur trend on campus is keeping it minimal. So a invest in a fur trim coat or even some heels with fur!

Bright Plaids

Also commonly known as “Cher Horowitz plaid.” Remember Cher’s iconic yellow plaid skirt and blazer? Typically your fall plaids are neutral colors with different shades of browns and reds, but this fall it’s all about the bright plaid. Versace had a lot of Cher inspired plaids at his runways!

How to rock it on campus:

Bright plaids can be a bit scary if you're afraid you could look like a prep school gone bad. No need to fear though, it’s pretty easy to rock! You could rock it in a skirt and blazer combo or keep it more simple as separates. You can even incorporate it in a plaid dress with a white top underneath. If you want you can add in some neutral colors to tone down the look just a bit and there you go!

Stitching Details

As I was walking in Forever 21 the other day, I noticed a lot of skirts with stitching details where the stitching was a more noticeable color and had a contrast to the color of the garment. This is such a subtle trend but can be such a cute add-on to your outfit!

How to rock it on campus:

This is one of the less bold trends which means it’s pretty easy to incorporate into your everyday wear. Try adding a neutral color stitched skirt to your wardrobe, paired with a pop of color top. You can also rock some jeans with stitching details and a comfy sweater!

Animal Prints

Animal print is always in, in my book. My all-time favorite pattern is faux snake skin, so when fall comes around and animal print are at their high? I’m living my best life. Tiger and leopard prints are really big for the fall season and it’s so easy to make animal print into an outfit even if it’s just an accessory. Animal print was seen on Victoria Beckham’s runway and Michael Kor’s fall runway.

How to rock it on campus:

You could add it into any outfit, whether you wear a leopard print coat or some snake skin booties, either way you’ll look fabulous


There’s nothing I love quite like I love a blazer. They can do no wrong to any outfit. Wanna dress up a pair of denim and a graphic tee-shirt? Throw a slightly oversized (you don’t want to be swimming in it) blazer on and suddenly you’re ready to take on the business world! Blazers are such an essential key piece to any fall trend because it can keep you warm but also make you look killer!

How to rock it on campus:

My favorite way to wear a blazer is by dressing it down or dressing up. Pairing it with a dressed down outfit makes it more casual, but pairing it with jeans and a tee will also make it look more dressed up. At least that’s my logic and understanding behind it. You could also rock it dressed up with some cigar pants and call it a day! This is even a great time to incorporate the bright plaid trend in.


Red is such a staple fall color, as well as different variations such as burgundy. Red is the color to help you stand out in the crowd and sure to make heads turn. The most common shade of red seen on runways this fall is a bright red which is such an easy shade to work with. Oscar de la Renta had some fierce bright reds on his runway!

How to rock it on campus:

Since this can be such a bright and scary color, its easiest to do it in smaller doses like an accent jewelry piece, handbag or even shoe. It gives a pop of color to a toned down color scheme and allows you to join the trend without looking like Elmo. So maybe rock some red thigh highs (another popular fall trend) with a cute camel colored skirt and a comfy sweater. Voila!

Colored Sunglasses

Although fall brings colder weather, that doesn't mean the sun just disappears. You can always use some sunglasses! A popular trend I saw on runways was colored sunglasses. Along with the contrast stitching, this is such a subtle and easy trend to rock. It helps when you throw on a pair that has a similar color to the outfit you’re already wearing.

How to rock it on campus:

Again, this trend is pretty self-explanatory, just throw on some colored shades with matching colors to your outfit to pull together the whole look. Sunglasses come in a variety of shapes as well, so find one that suits your face shape and go about your day!


Layering is such a common fall trend since fall can get pretty chilly and you're always going to need a bit of layering to keep you warm. Around this time stores get start putting out their scarves. knee high socks, and basic layering clothes, so it’s so easy to add those simple items to your wardrobe!

How to rock on campus:

Layering with scarves is my favorite thing to do in the fall, it’s so simple but can really add a lot to your outfit! Another favorite is adding a cute jacket to my outfit to keep me warm on my longer walks to class.


It took me a while, but I’ve officially joined the trend of loving fringe. Rocking the western trend is actually easier than it may look. Western influences are denim, fringe, bandana’s and a lot of camel colored items. You can really add some western influence pretty easily by just throwing on some basic items! Calvin Klein's runway looks had a lot of western influence. 

How to rock it on campus:

These are little things you can do like throwing on a cute bandana around your neck with your outfit, or even adding some cow print to your look! You could throw on a graphic tee with a camel colored leather jacket and a cute red bandana and bam! Western influence achieved. A cute pair of denim jeans with some fringe on the sides are also a great choice. Remember, you don’t have to be full on ready for a cowboy fight to be looking cute and trendy!