How I Implemented Manifest Journaling Into My Life

I have always been the person who enjoys writing down my thoughts and feelings. This has been my way of coping with every emotion I have felt in my life. If I had an amazing day, I wrote about it in my journal. If I was dealing with a terrible situation, I would write down my feelings. Journaling has always felt like my safe space. Recently, I have learned more about manifest journaling. I have tried to implement it in my own life. Here are some advantages to starting this journaling style:

Always Keep A Positive Outlook

When I think about manifest journaling, I write down my goals and aspirations for the future. When looking towards the future, most people think of accomplishments and goals that they would like to achieve. If you write everything down in a positive and grateful way those feelings will continue. I write down people and opportunities that I am thankful for and imagine where I would like to go from here. If you only write down negative thoughts, those thoughts will continue and bring you down. It's always good to acknowledge those feelings, but it is even more important not to harp on them.

Write About People

For some reason, I have always been scared to write about my interactions with the people around me in my journal. When I started to read more on manifest journaling, I learned that it is perfectly fine to do this. I even go as far as writing fake letters or notes to people in my life. This challenges me to really think hard about the thoughts that are in my head and to chose words carefully. After, I will write about what I hope my relationship with that person will be in the future. If they are someone who I don't want in my life, I wish them the best then move on. My goal is still to remain positive!

Plan Out What You Want Your Life To Be

As a college student, I have found this strategy helpful. I know my overall end goal, but I still was not sure where to go from there. I recently wrote down how I want my life to be when I graduate college. I wrote down where I want to live, what grade I want to teach and even what kinds of relationships I need to have in my life. This really helped me imagine a clear life goal/plan for myself. At that moment, it was exactly what I wanted my future to look like. I have also realized that it is acceptable to change your goals. Lifepaths are constantly changing. I find new interests and meet new people each day. I think that it is important to realize that your life is ever-changing, and it's best to roll with it and imagine how you want things to end up.