How To Get Over A Breakup

Relationships. Where do I even begin? They are not at all what I grew up watching on T.V. or reading about in books. I'm sure you've heard that a million times, but just in case you need to hear it again; relationships are tough. I could be looked at as a "seasoned dater." I've had about five serious relationships. I am definitely not a love guru or a relationship expert, but if this can help even one girl going through a breakup, then I would consider this a success. 

To let you in on my personal life, yes I am truly writing this on the inter-webs because I do not know how to express myself any better. I just got out of a year and a half long relationship with someone. So you're probably wondering why I broke up with him... and we are not going to get into those details. What we will get into, though, are ten tips on how to pick yourself back up after your breakup. 

  1. 1. CRY IT OUT

    Let yourself be sad! If you have to cry, do it! I try to bottle up my feelings all the time, but eventually they all come out. It's better to allow yourself some time to be sad and feel all the emotions. It's normal to give yourself a few days or weeks to be upset. Heartbreak is one of the most painful things we go through.

  2. 2. Make a Playlist

    Open Spotify and create two playlists: One filled with sad songs and the other filled with power anthems. Like I said, allow yourself to be sad, but also remind yourself you are that girl. You can have a good cry in your car or a dance party alone in your room. Whatever mood you are in, there will be a playlist for that.

  3. 3. Surround Yourself with Friends

    Get your girl gang together and have a movie night filled with popcorn and face masks. You could even get ice cream and chat with a close friend for a few hours. This is a good way to talk it out with someone and be comforted during this hard time. Whenever I'm feeling down, I know I have so many great friends that would do anything to cheer me up.

  4. 4. Write Your Feelings

    Am I doing this right now? Yes, and it totally works. I keep a journal in my room and anytime something is bothering me, I write it all down. No one is there to judge you for what you're writing. It's for your eyes only. 

  5. 5. Watch a RomCom

    Some of my favorites that are on Netflix are Mamma Mia!, Sex and the City, The Spectacular Now, P.S. I Love You, and Set It Up. It might be a good idea to get your mind off your own love life and focus on a fictional characters. These movies can be a good distraction from your own reality, and sometimes they help you let out emotions you were maybe trying to avoid. 

  6. 6. The Best Way to Get Over Someone...

    is to get under someone else. I'm not going to pretend that this doesn't work. Sometimes this is exactly what you need to do right away. Other times this doesn't sound appealing, and that is alright too. Do whatever you're comfortable with and be true to yourself and emotions. 

  7. 7. Treat Yo-Self!

    This one is to be expected. Allow yourself to buy your favorite snacks. Buy some new clothes that make you feel confident. Watch all the reality T.V. your brain can take. It's completely acceptable to let yourself indulge in things that bring you happiness during a breakup. 

  8. 8. Get Rid of Their Belongings

    Their old hoodies are taking up prime real estate in your closet! Toss out sweatshirts, t-shirts, birthday cards or anything that reminds you of them. You will no longer have that constant reminder of them sitting in your room. This a hard task to do, but in order to move on this step has to be done. The sooner you do this the better. 

  9. 9. Time

    They say time heals all wounds. This one was hard for me to wrap my head around. For every breakup I had, I always thought I would never get over them. Luckily I did, and I was able to find someone new. Give yourself time to heal before you find someone new. 

  10. 10. Social Media Cleanse

    DO NOT TEXT THEM. In fact, you should think about deleting their number. Maybe you block them on social media, too. I found out that once you remove them from all platforms, you're no longer focused on what they're doing. It's freeing, I promise. 

I know first-hand how difficult breakups are. You will feel better soon. We're all in this together.