How To Eat Healthy On Kent's Campus

For a university, Kent State has a wide variety of options for everyone’s taste buds. You can have everything from sushi to bagels at most times of the day. But, how can we make sure we aren’t choosing to eat that delicious ranch pizza for lunch everyday? By deciding on these different options, you can have a healthy meal that still tastes just as good.

1. Kent Market

A lot of people may not even know how good the food here really is. This market is that little spot near the bookstore in the student center. You can get all kinds of foods here, but the salads are some of my absolute favorites. Get a salmon salad with strawberries and mandarin oranges or a Black Squirrel Salad with walnuts, apples and grilled chicken.

2. Einstein’s Bagels

This is always a go to before an early morning class or for a classic lunch. Instead of going for chocolate chip bagels with heavy cream cheese, choose a blueberry bagel to still get the sweet taste and ask for light cream cheese when you order. Grab a fruit cup with fresh strawberries, pineapple, grapes and melon before you check out.

3. Boar’s Head

Personally, I have never met anyone on Kent’s campus who doesn’t like Boar’s Head. You have endless options with all kinds of different meats, breads and condiments. Instead of piling bacon and ranch onto thick bread, think about getting a wrap (which come in numerous flavors) and getting buffalo chicken, which still has a little kick to it. Pile on all the veggies you want and ask for guacamole because they always have it behind the counter!

4. Prentice or Eastway Market

We all get hungry between meals and have to get our fix of study snacks. When you make your way to one of the markets on campus, skip the candy and junk food. Look inside of the standing freezers and they have frozen bags of fruit such as mangoes and raspberries, which literally taste like candy! Snack on these easily while you study, but if you want something saltier, grab a box of Triscuits. These are addicting and low in calories and fat.