Her Week 2019 Recap

This year the girls of Her Campus Kent State celebrated 5 years! Here is a recap of the events they had to celebrate:

Monday: Her Empowerment

We kicked off Her Week with a presentation from the Kent State police department about safety! We learned so much about self-defense and what to do if we are ever in danger. Some important topics they touched on were how to safely and effectively carry pepper spray and what to do if we ever needed to use it. One of her most important tips was to keep your pepper spray on a breakaway key chain in order to always have quick access to it! We also learned more about different services available to us on the campus so we never feel unsafe, including the security escort service and the blue emergency phones on campus. We definitely feel like stronger, safer, and more prepared women!

Tuesday: Her Career

On Tuesday, Alicia Robinson, the Assistant Director of the Kent State Women's Center came to speak to all of us about what the Women's Center does and provides, as well as the volunteer and leadership opportunities available. She emphasized the idea of having a mentor, whether that be just as a friend or within your career. Alicia also spoke about the struggles of women in the workplace such as the wage gap and being looked down upon. She talked about making sure to "treat yo self" and do things that are just for you, especially when you are feeling down or stressed. An activity we all did was writing things we loved about ourselves down on a piece of paper and then sharing some of them with the group. We also wrote encouraging letters to local high school girls. Thank you, Alicia, for inspiring us all!

Wednesday: Her Health

For "#HerHealth," Her Campus partnered with CHAARG to host a free WERQ class at the Rec Center. WERQ is a class much like Zumba, but with more current music. The class was taught by two girls in CHAARG. We definitely goofed around and sweat a lot, but the class was so much fun!

Thursday: Her Party

The final day of Her Week was a party hosted at a local arcade bar called Barflyy. It was such a fun time to relax after the busy week and get to hang out with friends. We played arcade games, ate pizza and raffled off some really cool prizes. It was a great way to end such a successful week!

Thank you to everyone who came out to these events this week, and those who helped make them possible. We feel so lucky as an organization to have been on the Kent State campus for 5 years, and we look forward to even more in the future!

Until next year! HCXO, HCKSU <3