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Heartbreak Weather by Niall Horan: A Breakdown

So, Niall Horan has released his sophomore solo album Heartbreak Weather, and I am not okay. If you haven’t heard the entire album, well, now is your chance. I am going to breakdown every song on the album starting at track one. 

Heartbreak Weather

Starting out the album in the title track Heartbreak Weather. This song starts out the album with an upbeat melody that you can dance to all night with your friends. He talks about the change in feelings when you meet someone after being heartbroken. 

Favorite lyrics:

“All of my life, it’s been heartbreak weather
Thinking to myself it won’t get better
It can be so lonely in this city
But it feels different when you’re with me”

Black And White

My future wedding song everyone. Black And White depicts a beautiful relationship starting on their first date to their wedding date. When I first heard this song I immediately started crying because of the beautiful lyrics Niall wrote. During Niall’s Instagram Livestream on the night of the album release he said that Black And White was the easiest song to write as well as his favorite song on the album. 

Favorite lyrics: 

“And there’s a vision I’ve been holdin’ in my mind
We’re sixty-five and you asked
When did I first know, I always knew”


Dear Patience

Dear Patience is a conversation with yourself in times of stress and anxiety. If this one doesn’t hit home I don’t know what does. He is asking his mind to have patience with the situation he is finding himself in. This beautiful peaceful melody ends with calming violins that make for the perfect moment to take a deep relaxing breath. 

Favorite lyrics: 

“Dear Patience
If I pour my heart out, can you keep a promise? 
‘Cause the situation
Is like a mountain that’s been weighing on my conscious
If I’m being honest”

Bend The Rules

Niall takes on a different approach when singing this song. His voice goes softer and deeper with more breath. When I first heard his voice in this song, it took my breath away because this isn’t how we are used to hearing Niall. This song shows the beginning of a relationship when you are your person aren’t “together” but you are not apart either and how this “talking phase” can be hurtful. 

Favorite lyric: 

“Someone makes you laugh, I can’t help but ask
But you won’t say what it’s about
I pour myself a glass, it won’t be the last
Just our medicine for now”


Small Talk

SLOW HANDS WALKED SO SMALL TALK COULD RUN. Okay, now that is off my chest, Small Talk is my new go-to body roll song. This song has a sexy beat that makes the perfect rhythm for swinging your hips around. Niall sings about skipping all the small talk to go straight to the sexier stuff in the bedroom. I see you Niall; I see you. 

Favorite lyrics:

“Like wolves, we run wild, let passion get too much
Let ourselves get burned by the fire
We’re walking on a wire, but nothin’ feels higher
When I see that look in your eyes”

Nice To Meet Ya

Nice To Meet Ya was the first single we got from this sophomore album two years after his first album debuted. The fans waited a long time and were not disappointed by this faster-paced sexier vibe Niall was giving us compared to his last album. We could tell he was more mature and more confident in his solo career. 

Favorite lyrics: 

“I wanna blow your mind, just come with me, I swear
I’m gonna take you somewhere warm, you know j’adore la mer
‘Cause when the morning comes, I know you won’t be there
Every time I turn around, you disappear”

Put A Little Love On Me

Put A Little Love On Me was the second single we received from Heartbreak Weather. I remember when I first heard this song after its drop; I was driving home from work and, once again, started crying. If you can’t tell I have been a Niall girl since I was 13 and nothing has changed. This beautiful ballad, which also happens to be Niall’s mother Maura’s favorite song from the album which he revealed during his Instagram Livestream, shows the yearning for love and affection. 

Favorite lyrics:

“Are you all dressed up but with nowhere to go
Are your tears falling down when the lights are low
Another Friday night tryna put on a show
Do you hate the weekend
‘Cause nobody’s calling”

Arms Of A Stranger

Arms Of A Stranger tells the story of what it feels after a breakup and how one may cope with that loss. Niall’s lyrics are very on the nose with this song. His storytelling throughout the album can sometimes be more hidden than this one is. Arms Of A Stranger is a great breakup song when you are still angry and sad. It will put you right in the feels. This song hits different for me because I don’t ever want to think about my baby boy being so heartbroken. 

Favorite lyrics: 

“You’ve known someone for a long time
But you never really know who they are
It feels like it was only last week
I was trippin’ right into your heart
If we’re not gonna do this honestly
Baby, won’t you give me back what you took apart?”


Everywhere brings the beat up a little bit from the “in my feelings” songs from above. Everywhere is about how once you think you are over someone but then you feel as though everywhere you look they are there, and you can’t get away from them. 

Favorite lyrics:

“I try and try to forget you
But your mother thinks I’m the best for you
I try and try to erase you
But you won’t disappear”

Cross Your Mind

Cross Your Mind actually started as a piano ballad for the album, but Niall said that whenever he would play it he couldn’t help but tap his foot so it was redone for a more upbeat funky melody. This song may be a more dancey tune but it is actually about the sad time when you are in love with someone who you know doesn’t love you back. 

Favorite lyrics: 

“You keep talkin’, I’ll just listen
Daydreamin’ ’bout where your lips been
Pull my heart right out my chest, drive a train through
Still get up and forgive you”

New Angel

New Angel is where the album really takes a happier turn. He is finally ready to get over this heartbreak and is looking for his New Angel. This songs also radiates club vibes as it has body roll energy. 

Favorite lyrics: 

“I’ll give you what’s left of me
‘Cause you feel so heavenly
I don’t know what’s best for me
But maybe it’s time”

No Judgement

No Judgment was the third and final single we got before the album drop. No Judgment is the CUTEST is the cutest song on the album in my opinion. The uplifting melody and positive vibes that this song portrays makes it one fo my top songs from the album.  

Favorite lyrics:

“When you’re with me, no judgement
You can get that from anyone else
You don’t have to prove nothing
You can just be yourself”

San Francisco

San Francisco is the midpoint of a ballad and a bop. I would categorize this song as a song that you can sway to. I can imagine myself at my tour date with a lighter in the air swaying back and forth. This song is about being in a relationship and wanting to go back to the very beginning of it. 

Favorite lyrics: 

“I wanna kiss you like the first time
Hold you like it’s not goodbye
Wish I hadn’t been so cruel
I wanna let all my defenses down
Scream until you hear me out
I’ll lay it on the line for you”



Still closes out this emotional rollercoaster of an album. Still is the perfect ending song as it sums up everything and ends the album with, “well, I’m still in love with you.” It summarizes the entire album by saying even after everything and everything I’ve been through, I still love you. 

Favorite lyrics:

“But I’m standing here with you, just trying to be honest
If honesty means telling you the truth
Well, I’m still in love with you”

Niall, I want to congratulate you on this outstanding sophomore album. You never fail to impress me and inspire me. So, I want to thank you for this masterpiece. 

So, if you haven’t listened to Heartbreak Weather now might be the perfect time. Practice some self-isolation and stream Heartbreak Weather on all platforms.

Jess Goodwin is a  senior at Kent State University, where she is the Senior Editor for the Her Campus Kent State chapter! She is a Journalism major who has enjoyed writing and telling stories her whole life. When she is not writing, Jess is dancing and choreographing. She has been dancing for over 15 years and choreographing for just about 3 years now! She has a passion for movies, books and entertainment, but she also has a love for activism and promoting love! Jess's socials are: Instagram: @jess.goodwin Twitter: @jessgoodwin13 
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