A Guide to the Best Way to Gift to Yourself this Winter

It’s officially the frigid cold winter, the time of year where motivation falls like a landslide and no one wants to venture out into the weather to do anything. That’s where a subscription box comes into play. In the past couple of years, these boxes have been popping up for anything and everything, from athletic gear and clothing to beauty and jewelry.

Subscription boxes are filled with goodies all based on your personal preferences and needs. They can be a one time, weekly, monthly or annually service depending on the company. The products you receive are also much cheaper than if you bought them individually. For some boxes you get to choose what is inside, but other subscription boxes are a surprise, which makes them all the more fun. All in all, by subscribing to a box, you get to have top trendy products with minimal effort!

The best part? They come right to you! All you do is click order and treat yourself to a present without venturing into the cold. Most of the time there is even free shipping! Here is a list of some of my favorite subscription boxes, one for every person and every interest, so get out there (or rather online) and get ordering!

Fab Fit Fun

This subscription box is probably one of the most popular boxes right now. If you subscribe, you get a box each season filled with the top beauty, fitness, wellness, and fashion picks. Each box is only $49.99 and comes with 10 full-size products, making the worth of the box over $200. If you are not sure what you want in a subscription box but want to try one, this is the box for you!


If you adore jewelry or want to accessorize more and don’t know where to start, order this box! Before you subscribe, you will take a quiz based on your jewelry interests, such as whether you prefer gold or silver, statements or delicates. Then Roxbox will send you three pieces of jewelry each month for $21, with brands such as Kendra Scott and Kate Spade. Then after the month is over, you send the jewelry back and get three new pieces next month. The best part is that your jewelry box will never be cluttered with necklaces you no longer wear, and you will always have the latest jewelry styles.


Nothing kicks your butt into gear like brand new workout clothes. Maybe you need some motivation, want to treat yourself for working out or need to kick start that resolution. Fabletics starts you off with a quiz to determine your workout needs and then sets you up with a few pieces to start enhancing your workout wardrobe! The service is monthly, but you can opt out of a certain month if you want less clothing. Not to mention that the first time you order, you get two pairs of leggings for $24, and they are really great quality.


This subscription box is the original beauty box, with all things makeup, hair and skin. When you subscribe, you get five sample size beauty treats to try each month for just $10! If you love to try the new fads for all things skincare, this is the absolute best and most cost-effective way. Not to mention you can purchase your favorite products on their website in full size, hassle free!

TrunkClub & Stitchfix

Both of these boxes are clothing boxes, where you take a fashion quiz and get paired with a stylist as soon as you subscribe. Trunk Club is actually Nordstrom’s clothing subscription box, but if you are not a fan of Nordstrom, Stitchfix is another great option. This is the best box to refresh your wardrobe and find pieces that will give you the confidence to brave the winter weather!


This box is my personal favorite and is perfect because it is self-care season, my friends! Whether you are a skincare guru or want more wellness in your life, this box is the best way to relax and care for yourself. Each box includes 5-7 wellness products like aromatherapy, face masks or bath products, along with a “happiness activity” to boost your mood.

Almost all of these boxes you can cancel at any time, and most have a discount for first-time users. These boxes will brighten your day, help you have glowing skin, boost your wardrobe or calm you after a crazy week. The best part is that you can order it right now from your bed in your pajamas!