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Girl Hot or Guy Hot?

   Alright ladies so which type of “hot” are you? There are so many different styles out there that an individual can call there own, but when it comes right down to it, do you dress more for the boys or for the girls?  When I think of myself, I would say I dress more for the boys… not because I only get up in the morning thinking oh man I have to be sexy and impress every boy I see, but I dress the way I do because I am the most comfortable that way and that is just my personal style.  I find when I get dressed everyday, I am drawn to wearing tighter fitting things close on the body or usually do loose, messy looking curls.  Maybe on some days I will do boyfriend sweatpants and a baseball cap. I promise I am always classy and always look super acceptable, if that sounded wrong! However, a lot of my friends are the total opposite and have styles that are a complete 180 from me. They tend to be seen in ruffles or floral pattern shirts with bright makeup, which is still totally cute! These girls dress for themselves once again, but it is what I would consider being girl hot.  Not that they aren’t attractive to boys, but I think the word cute is what exactly applies to them versus hot.

  Many of you may have heard of the fashion blogger, The Man Repeller, known for her laid back style and no care in the world for how much a guy may not be into her appearance.  If you did not pick up on it already that is the humor in her blog name, which she takes pride in! She is famous for her baggy looking outfits and unique spin on basics. I am even a huge fan of her even though our styles are so different. I recommend checking out any of her social media… she is great! Another awesome blogger that represents being more guy hot is Julia Friedman, for Everyday With J. Her style is a versatile one, but altogether her upfront street style seems to be more on the sexier side and I must say she accomplishes it beautifully and I am jealous!


   A celebrity example for ya is maybe Taylor Swift and Mila Kunis.  Mila Kunis being guy hot, has longer hair, usually wears more neutral makeup, tighter silhouettes and more toned down colors. Taylor Swift however,  is for sure girl hot and definitely defines femininity. She is seen with her famous popping red lips, short blond hair and her per usual sweet angelic makeup. T Swift’s overall street style is comparable to what you would see the women in France wearing, including trousers, loafers, and lots of patterns. You can see both of these A-lists’ styles in any magazine or media and see the difference their looks on the street pursue.  


   Sorry to make you ponder about what style you are tomorrow morning when getting ready for the day, but just remember just be you the beautiful person you are and wear whatever you normally would! Just dress for you and no matter what gender that you are appealing to at the moment, just know you are all hot! 





I am proud to be a student at Kent State University and a  member of Alpha Xi Delta. I am majoring in Fashion Merchandising and minoring in Fashion Media with lots of studying abroad plans. I love being adventurous and doing/trying as many things as I can. Wishes and dreams to travel every part of the world possible and I am so unbelievably passionate about the world of fashion and photogrpahy. Catch me at the gym or doing what I love (anything fashion!).
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