Five ways to feel better when you’re sick in college

There comes a time, or maybe even a couple times, in a college student’s life when they will unfortunately catch a cold. It can be so hard being away from your family when you’re sick; no one’s there to make you chicken soup or bring you extra blankets. So, from on sick girl to another, here is a quick list on how to feel better when you’ve got a cold in college.

1. Drink Water

I know you’ve heard it 1,000 times but drinking water is so incredibly important. When you’re sick, your body can very easily get dehydrated which can lead to all kinds of other problems that you don’t need when you’re sick.

2. Gargle salt water

This is for all my ladies with a sore throat. Gargling salt water will disinfect the back of your throat where all of the germs are living and help you feel better.

3. Call your family

Even though your family isn’t right next to you, calling or Skyping them can make you mentally happier, and mental health is just as important as physical health (especially when your physical health isn’t doing too good anyway).

4. Don’t push yourself

Allow yourself time to rest even if that means skipping that club meeting or if you’re really not feeling good, even that class.

P.S. Let your professor know if you’re skipping class, that way they can hopefully make accommodations for you

5. Don’t be afraid to visit the heath center

If you’ve been sick for more than a week try visiting your school’s health center. You don’t want to fall to far behind in your studies, so if you are feeling yourself starting to get stressed because you’ve been sick for too long, definitely stop in to see a healthcare professional.