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Spring is here and along with spring cleaning comes a watchlist cleanout. Looking for something new to watch but think you have seen everything Netflix has to offer? Think again. I have discovered five Netflix Original series in the depths of my account that I loved but do not think received enough credit. Stream on!

Instant Hotel

One day as I was scrolling through Twitter, I saw someone compare this show to a version of The Bachelor where someone finds people from Tinder to stay in different Airbnbs. I was immediately sold. Although this description was not completely accurate, I understand where they were going with it. Instant Hotel is an Australian reality competition show where five pairs stay the night in each other’s instant hotels and rate them at the end of their stay. Sounds pretty normal, right? This show is one of the most dramatic reality competition shows I have seen in years. Nearly everyone in the cast is a villain, trying to undermine the other competitors to get the grand prize of a luxury stay in an instant hotel in California, USA. Still not convinced? Imagine the show Four Weddings mixed with everything great about House Hunters and The Bachelor.


Maniac is a ten episode mini-series starring Emma Stone, Jonah Hill and Justin Theroux. Sold yet? Follow strangers, Annie (Stone) and Owen (Hill), as they enter a futuristic pharmaceutical test program that they are told will solve all of their problems. The resulting events include several layers of dreams that take them to fantastical worlds that explore conflicts within their real lives. This drama mixes elements of science fiction, comedy and fantasy to create a truly unique show. The intriguing plotline, cinematography and production design were enough to keep me interested in the world, with compelling performances from the whole cast. Even if you feel as if you have seen everything Netflix has to offer, you have not seen anything quite like this.

The End of the F***ing World

Many people saw this show on Netflix but did not truly give it a chance, so I am here to attempt to change that. Follow James and Alyssa, two teenagers on a journey away from their troubled lives. James is pretty sure he is a psychopath and when the rebellious Alyssa enters his life, he sees an opportunity to leave his boring life behind. Based on a graphic novel, this dark comedy is the perfect series to watch on a rainy day, with a story filled with fast-paced events that wrap you into the story. It’s raunchy and comedic with a bit of gore and a dark tone. Prepare yourself for an adventure, as with every episode you feel more and more like you are really on this adventure with James and Alyssa, worrying what trouble they could get into next. It has been announced that a new season is coming, so watch the first season now!

Cable Girls (Las Chicas del Cable)

I found this series from being a fan of another excellent Spanish drama, El Internado, which stars several of the same actors. Although this show is in Spanish, it has subtitles in English and has a compelling story that I think many people would enjoy. Set in the 1920s, this series explores the stories of four women who have been hired as operators for a telephone company. The story begins when Alba (Blanca Suárez), a thief who is attempting to escape her past, is hired at the company under a false identity as people from her past are trying to stop her from leaving so quickly. More than a drama, this series explores the gender roles and complex sexism that was rampant during this time period. If you are a lover of drama, mystery or romance, there are three seasons waiting for you.

American Vandal

Yet another show that I do not think enough people gave a chance. American Vandal is a true crime mockumentary, exploring fictional mysteries that occur in different high schools. I will be honest: when I started watching the show I thought it was a true story until I started recognizing some of the cast. The series is masterful in creating a world that feels so realistic to anyone that has been in high school, specifically those in my generation (Generation Z). The first season delves into a high school scandal where someone spray painted obscene images onto the cars of the faculty members. Peter Maldonado (Tyler Alvarez) and Sam Ecklund (Griffin Gluck) are on the hunt to find out who committed the crime, and if it really was the suspected class clown, Dylan Maxwell (Jimmy Tatro). This witty series keep you on the edge of your seat to find out what really happened while also adding deeper moments of reflection. It was announced that Netflix chose not to renew it for a third season (read more here), but maybe your view will help the show get picked up by a new network!

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