Five Up and Coming Designers to Watch This New York Fashion Week

Fall/Winter 2018 Fashion Week is underway in New York Fashion week and is leaving us with some amazing fashion inspiration and some new faces to keep an eye out for seasons to come. If you’re looking to elevate your fashion game or just need some new style icons, here are five rising fashion stars sure to make waves in the fashion industry:


1. LRS - Created by Mexican-born designer Raul Solis. He’s been coined a rebel, and isn’t afraid to steer away from the typical “pretty” designs for something unconventional and fun. In his previous collections he’s played with shapes and colors to create some incredible conversation pieces. His collection for fall/winter will surely continue breaking boundaries and have some showstoppers along the way.

LRS - Spring/Summer 2018

2. Adidas x Daniëlle Cathari - Although Adidas is not a new face on the fashion scene, Daniëlle Cathari might be to many out there. The Dutch designer took inspiration and deconstructed Adidas garments for her final projects in Amsterdam. Surely Adidas and the rest of the fashion industry took notice since she’s now officially partnered with them to create this collection which was modeled by Kendall Jenner.

Adidas x Daniëlle Cathari - Fall/Winter 2018

3. John Elliott - Even though John Elliott isn’t new to many, the traditionally menswear designer has embarked on a complete women’s collection for this fall/winter season. It is always exciting to see a designer step out of their own box and explore a new medium, even as Elliott has discovered along the way that designing for a woman’s body is very different to designing for men. It will be an exciting departure for the designer who is known for having amazing collaborations in the past such as one with Nike and has a large cult following for his streetwear.

John Elliott - Spring/Summer 2018

4. Moon Choi - This New York City based Korean designer is fairly new to the industry, having recently graduated from Parsons. She describes her line as being unisex, having an even combination of male and female models and blending shapes and forms that doesn’t limit any one person to a traditional gender boundary. The collection itself is beautiful, with a mix of long lines, broad shoulders and incredible silks, we’ll surely be keeping an eye out for years to come from Moon Choi.

Moon Choi - Fall/Winter 2018

5. Hellessy - Sylvie Millstein, whose designs have already been worn by celebrities like Emma Watson and Beyoncé, decided to go bigger, more oversized and all around bolder this season. Inspired by designer Tony Duquette and rococo style, Millstein definitely brough drama, elegance and decadence to this collection.

Hellessy - Fall/Winter 2018