Fighting Off Greek Stereotypes

Sororities and fraternities are often viewed negatively for excessive partying, sexual assaults and hazing. Kent State University’s Greek organizations are doing their best to defeat the stereotype they are labeled with. Most people might not know this but Kent State has a strict no hazing policy- members have the potential to lose their entire organization at Kent if they take part in hazing acitivities.

Members of Greek organizations on this campus are often involved in other organizations and are leaders of the campus. Greeks are involved in United Student Government, Body Acceptance Movement, Public Relations Society of America, Student Success Series, Her Campus, and many more.

So the question is why are Greeks picked on so much? Movies and television shows often show a skewed and misleading perception of what sororities and fraternities are like. Kent State Greeks raise thousands of dollars for organizations like Make-A-Wish Foundation, Autism Speaks, The American Heart Association and The Starkey Hearing Foundation. Each sorority and fraternity has a specific philanthropy for which they raise thousands of dollars with the help of fellow Greeks. This past November, the entire Greek Community came together to raise $30,000 for Suicide Awareness Voices of Education (SAVE), a national organization to suicide prevention.

The Greeks at Kent State go above and beyond because they don’t stop working together to better their community. Many volunteer at Campus Kitchen, while others put in community service towards nursing homes, or help out at Habitat for Humanity. Greeks are always collecting for those in need and every single sorority and fraternity volunteer their services for Relay for Life.

Another stereotype Kent Greeks are trying to diminish is the idea that we do not emphasize education. Most Greek organizations require members to have a certain GPA and they encourage students to excell in class through various study programs. 

With all of this in mind, it is important to remember that not everything portrayed in movies and on television is reality. Greeks hold themselves to high standards and make up a lot of the top students on campus. There will always be rumors, but the reality is that Greek organizations strive to do good for themselves and for the community.