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Fenty Beauty: the official makeup brand of 2017

I think we would all be lying to ourselves if we said Fenty Beauty was not the biggest cosmetic launch of the year.  Rihanna released her beauty line both online and in stores at Sephora, as well as on her personal website, a few weeks ago. This new totally inclusive cosmetic line is all anyone can talk about. Whether it is the forty shades of foundations for people with varying ranges of skin colors, or its pigmented Killawatt highlighters. This brand is changing the game! 

Although the release caused a social media frenzy, YouTube had the most passionate responses. The majority of beauty bloggers had to get in on the trend and give out their reviews, which were all VERY positive.

It’s not secret finding makeup for pale and dark skin tones is a struggle, so the fact that Rihanna was very inclusive in her decision to launch forty shades of foundation is a game changer for the beauty industry.

Hollie Forrest released her review of the line on September 9, 2017. 

Nyma Tang used her beauty blogging skills to showcase one of the darker foundations. 

Other fans of Rihanna could not contain their excitement for the beauty launch, but did not let it cloud their judgment and gave honest reviews about the product.

You can see ItsMyRayeRaye's video here

Patricia Bright even sang some of our girl's hits throughout her review. 

Even Youtubers who do not consider themselves to beauty bloggers had to do a review, which show how much Fenty Beauty has shook the industry this year.

This recent launch is just the beginning of the Fenty Beauty empire, with her brand expanding to eye makeup and other makeup products in a few months.


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