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Fashion Hacks for Thick Girls

Almost all curvy girls know the struggle when it comes to shopping for clothes. Jeans either fit your waist or thighs, bodycon dresses show every dimple and roll and shorts are the absolute worst. Can you say, muffin top, camel toe and chub rub? Being a girl whose weight has fluctuated over the past few years, I’ve learned through trial and error what clothes flatter my wide hips and thick thighs. As a curvy girl, it’s easy to go for oversized clothing to hide your “problem” areas but the way you dress affects your mood and self-esteem. Sometimes I have bad days where I just want to crawl in bed and watch movies. When I’m wearing one of my favorite outfits and my day is still not going well, I say to myself “hey, at least I look good.”


So without further ado, here are some fashion hacks that can make shopping easier.


  1. Bodysuits are your best friend 

Now that summer will be here in a few months, it’s tempting to go shopping for crop tops. However, if you’re like me and have a small stomach pouch, you’ve probably found yourself at one point or another self-consciously pulling down your top to cover your stomach. Save yourself the awkwardness by investing in some bodysuits. What I love about bodysuits is that they give you a sleek look and hold everything in. I also like how versatile they are. You can find a fun bodysuit to wear with a pair of cutoffs or a dressier one to pair with a skirt and heels.

2. Go for high waisted.

High waisted jeans define your waist and lift your booty. As a pear shaped girl,high waisted jeans give my body the perfect hourglass shape. If you’re like me and carry more weight in your butt, thighs and have curvier hips, avoid low rise jeans. They make your hips look even wider and the back of low rise jeans tend to be baggier than in the front, which leaves your butt looking saggy and flat. Fashion Nova is my favorite place to shop for thick girl friendly jeans.


3. Look for midi and fit and flare dresses.

Growing up, I always had a problem finding dresses that were long enough and mom approved. As a teenager, I wore shapeless dresses that resembled tents. Thankfully, the fashion industry is now embracing midi dresses. Now, you don’t have to spend hours trying to find a stylish dress that hides your thick thighs and covers your butt. Fit and flare dresses are also a nice option because they make your waist look smaller and the flowy bottom half is flattering for girls with wide hips.


4. Culottes are the new denim shorts

Every curvy girl knows the struggle of wearing shorts in the summer. They ride up when you sit down and feel like they’re cutting off the circulation in your thighs. Culottes are great for the summer because a lot of them are made with lightweight materials. The wide legs are pretty much flattering on any body shape and the mid ankle length leaves you covered.  The best way to wear culottes is to pair them with a fitted top. That way, you’ll look boho chic instead of frumpy.


5. Figure out your measurements

Not all sizes  are created equally.I usually wear a size large in tops from American Eagle but in Zara, I wear a medium or small. Get some measuring tape and figure out the measurements for your bust, waist and hips.  This will help you find the right size when shopping online and avoid having to pay for postage or finding the nearest store to return items.

Jillian Holness is a senior magazine journalism major. She enjoys buying too many lipsticks, thinking about brunch and daydreaming about staring in one of Rihanna's music videos.
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