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Flowers Colorful Summertime Window Fun Original
Flowers Colorful Summertime Window Fun Original
Charlotte Reader / Her Campus
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Throughout the first few months of my relationship with my boyfriend, we had made it a goal to build and collect all of the Lego Botanicals. We have definitely spent way too much money, but we are happy with the results now, so I think it is mostly justified.

There are two main factors that went into deciding where each set belongs on this list: the end result and how fun it was to build them.

7. Dried Flower Centerpiece
This one was just overall the least fun to build. It is definitely pretty, and the aspect of being able make a wreath out of it is unique and cool. However, I do not think the end-result tops any other set and therefore has to be at the bottom of the list.

6. Flower Bouquet
I love the Flower Bouquet, but I just do not think there is anything special about it. It has some beautiful flowers and they compliment the bouquet set that Lego has quite nicely. However, building these can get repetitive and a little teeny bit boring.

5. Bonsai Tree/Cherry Blossom
I hate to rank this so low, but it just has to happen. My boyfriend and I chose to go the cherry blossom route over the bonsai, and I am more than happy to look at tiny pink frogs every time I take a peek at this set.

4. Succulents
This is what began the Botanical Collection Obsession. It is honestly an incredible set to build with other people, especially if you work at different paces, but still want to do something with someone. Each of the nine succulents are really unique and cute, and they look good all together or put in various spots throughout the room.

3. Orchids
I am a sucker for the pre-existing pots in certain botanical sets, and this one comes through. The orchids are so pretty, and I think the best aspect of this set is the interesting and diverse pieces that are used. While building it, we were constantly finding different legos that were oddly shaped and definitely made for something else. Yet, it worked so well here.

2. Wildflower Bouquet
The bouquets are arguably the social media famous set from the Botanical Collection. Personally, I think this set deserves all of the hype. It is so fun to organize the flowers differently every once in a while to get a new look. Changing the vase can also change up the look, and I think the diversity of this set is just overall great.

1. Birds of Paradise
The birds of paradise are honestly such a beautiful set. It is quite large and fills up space in a way I have not seen Lego’s do. It also took me way too long to realize the colorful parts of set were flowers and not hummingbirds. The pot is a really good base (my boyfriend says it is structurally sound) and still made to be realistic by the stems, leaves and flowers swaying when hit with wind.

All these Lego Botanicals are unique and fun in their own ways. You can use them as room decor, rearrange them in diffrent ways or even build them over and over. They are a great pass time and even better spent building them with others.

Hevin Wilkey

Kent State '25

Hevin Wilkey is a second year journalism major with a public relations minor. She is a writer for Kent's chapter of Her Campus. She spends most of her time doing homework, journaling or somewhere drinking boba.