The Eight Best Victoria's Secret Bras for Big Busted but Small Banded Ladies

Since I developed boobs, I struggled with finding bras that fit and made me feel good. These are the eight best Victoria's Secret bras for women with big busts but small bands listed from eh to yas.

  1. 1. The T-Shirt Perfect Shape Bra

    Honestly, this bra just doesn’t cut it for me. It's comfy due to the lack of underwire (can I get an amen for that?) but whenever I bend over, my boobs fall out! Not very conducive for everyday wear. 

  2. 2. Sexy Illusions Demi Bra

    This bra is lightly lined which is perfect for the days you want to be comfy, but, the underwire digs in so hard, and it almost creates double boob occasionally. Still cute though.

  3. 3. Victoria Sport Incredible Knockout Ultra Max Front-Close Sport Bra

    While this is perfect for those of us who participate in high impact exercise, for the rest of us, not so much. This bra pushes my boobs back into my armpits and creates a huge strain on my shoulders. For those of us with big boobs who dare to run voluntarily, it is worth the money.

  4. 4. Body by Victoria Bralette

    I love the look this bra provides. It allows me to experience the bralette feeling, plus I can adjust the straps and tightness of the band. Regular bralettes fit around my chest but don’t cover my boobs. This solves the problem.

  5. 5. Very Sexy Bombshell Add-2-Cup Push-Up Bra

    All I have to say is, very sexy. This bra takes my boobs from the depths of my armpits and puts them front and center. She’s the mother I never had, the sister I always wanted, you know the rest. 

  6. 6. Sexy Illusions by Victoria’s Secret Uplift Strapless Bra

    YES YES YES. This is the best strapless bra I’ve owned. The sticky-ish inside of the cups helps keep it up where it’s supposed to be, and the light cups provide comfort. 

  7. 7. Victoria Sport Incredible Lightweight Max Sport Bra

    This sports bra takes the cake. It lacks underwire, which shouldn’t even be paired with exercise, but has adjustable straps and soft cups. It provides support while being comfortable. 

  8. 8. Body by Victoria Full Coverage Bra

    This is my go-to. My A1 since day 1. I own nude and black, because I’m a practical person, but VS offers an array of colors and details. There’s also a front close option if you want some back detail.