Easy Ways to Reduce Waste

Saving our earth is the new wave. But, that doesn’t mean it has to be intimidating! There are simple, easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint and start helping reduce waste and work towards a better world for now AND the future! Listed below are quick and efficient ways to take care of and help the earth!

Get a reusable cup for Starbucks!

I start every morning with an iced coffee from Starbs, and I know I’m not the only one. But using a plastic cup with a straw every. Single. Day. Is so wasteful! Starbucks now has two different options for reusable cups! The first option is to purchase one of the many cups they sell in the store. They normally retail anywhere between $12- $25. The second is Starbucks' new grande size reusable cups you can purchase for $3 at the check-out for iced drinks, or $2 for hot drinks!

Ditch the plastic bags!

Plastic bags aren’t just bad for the earth, but they are extremely toxic to our environment. When plastic bags go onto our soil, they release toxic chemicals. Getting reusable bags is easy! Most stores have them at the check out anyways and for just a couple additional dollars you can be saving the earth!

Go thrifting!

Saving money and not getting involved in fast fashion? That sounds like the best deal ever! Thrifting is such an easy way to find new cute clothes while utilizing materials that have been used before.

Use a lunchbox and Tupperware!

We already discussed plastic bags, but using Ziploc bags can be wasteful as well. You can usually buy a set of Tupperware for $20 to reuse over and over, instead of wasting money on Ziploc bags. Getting a cute lunchbox to bring your meals on the go, is an easy way to save money on your part and not contribute to waste.

Ditch the bottled water!

Last year, Americans used about 50 billion plastic water bottles, this means more than $1 billion worth of plastic was wasted! Getting a reusable water bottle can be good for the environment AND a better way to drink more water throughout the day. My favorite is my Hydroflask (retails at about $35).


If we all join to together to show our earth some love, it won’t only ignite passion in each of us to reduce our waste but make our earth a safer, cleaner environment.