Don't let your dreams be dreams

This past week was the first week of the Spring 2017 semester. Most of my classes consisted of the proffesor introducing his or herself, going over the syllabus, then asking the class some sort of awkward ice breaker. In my Sociology class, we went around the room sharing our name, major, and dream job. The instructor said it could be anything at all no matter how big or outlandish it may seem.

Within the first ten students, I realized how many people would share their dream job, then say, "but that'll never happen." I thought most of their dream jobs were totally achievable. Sure, they might have to work quite hard to be a doctor in South America or run a successful YouTube channel, but the disbelief in many people’s abilities saddened me.


Maybe it is because I like to think that I have some pretty amazing idols and mentors in my life, may they be people I actually know, or celebs and athletes whose work ethic I admire, but I believe that one day I will score my dream job. I stood up in front of the class of sixty and said, “I want to work for MTV one day.” I am able to say that with confidence because that has been my dream since middle school. From eighth grade on, I’ve tried to live by the phrase, “Someone has to do it, why not me?”

Now, I am not saying I will graduate from college with a one-way ticket to MTV Headquarters in New York City. I know that may not be realistic. But, I do know that while I am here at Kent State, I should take every opportunity and avenue to prepare myself for my dream job. Examples of this include the student media TV2 entertainment shows I am on, and this article you are reading for Her Campus right now. I often find myself Googling dream internships and jobs so I can work backwards to learn and refine the skills my future employers are looking for. Sometimes the search results keep me up at night with daydreams of what the future could be.

But the bottom line is if you do not believe something can happen, it never will. That is why Sociology class made me so sad. The people around me made it seem like their dreams were not going to happen because they just weren’t. It was as simple as that. I seem to disagree. One of my all-time favorite idols is Apple mastermind Steve Jobs. He said, “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

May your dream be to change the world, be a stay at home parent, or the president of the United States, I think you should be crazy about it. Seek out opportunities to help you grow, work as hard as you can, and always believe that you are capable.