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As women, we love to change our hair. We like to change the style, color and cut all the time. Making all of these changes can get expensive and we just get sick of dealing with the salon. So what happens? We decide we will take hair coloring into our own hands.

If you have never dyed your hair by yourself there are probably a million questions going through your head. Where is it okay to buy hair dye? What color can I handle on my own? How much will I need? How do I even apply it?

So, to help ease you into the process here is a simple guide for dying your hair at home!

Choose a color

Pick something that is going to be a solid color all over and you know you will like. PRO TIP: Dying your hair black is always a good choice because you can’t see any mistakes and you know exactly how it will turn out.

Go get it!

It does not matter where you go to buy the dye. CVS, Ulta, Target and Walmart all carry plenty of different dye options. I always choose something like L’Oreal because I am familiar with the brand and like their other products.

Read the directions

It is extremely important to read the directions before you start. There a few steps that need to be done correctly in order for your hair to turn out how you want it to. The box comes with a few different items, which can seem overwhelming, but the directions will tell you how to put them together.


Once the dye is mixed and you are already to go, apply it onto your hair! There is no right or wrong way to do it, just make sure it covers all parts of your hair. The first time I did this I made a huge mess, but it still got the job done and it all washes off eventually!

Wait and rinse

Let the dye sit in your hair for 25 minutes then wash it out as if you were taking a normal shower. Make sure the water coming off your hair is all clear before getting out of the shower to ensure all the dye is washed out.

Dry and enjoy

This is the most exciting part because you get to see how good of a hairstylist you are! When your hair is dry you will be able to see how the color turned out. It is important that you dry your hair after, so that you can be sure you like the result!

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