A Decade of Goodness

I’m not going to lie, 2019 kind of kicked my butt! Like so massively that I needed to write an article about good things that happened in the past ten years to cure a bit of that 2019 pain. I’m also a big believer in spreading joy and positivity when the option to do so arises. Here is a list I made of a bunch of good things that happened to maybe lift your spirits a bit or maybe to just give you some positive vibes for this new decade!

  1. 1. Gay marriage was legalized!

    This alone deserves its own article. Honestly, that speaks volumes of hope for a really wonderful future. I also think it’s really cool that I can look back on this day and remember what I did when I read this news, because for a lot of people, it changed a lot of things. Also, I love that even though we’re not a perfect nation, we’re trying to create change and discussions about topics that matter.

  2. 2. The Jonas Brothers reunited!

    This may seem like a silly point, but you have to understand that this is not something anyone saw coming for this decade. After they broke up in 2013, the beginning of the decade was looking pretty rough, but then 2019 came around and my 13-year-old heart was screaming again. While on the topics of reunions though, a spinoff for Boy Meets World was made, as well as one for Full House, The Twilight Zone, Queer Eye and One Day at a Time were all made once again this decade!

  3. 3. Trans awareness and mental health awareness are mainstream topics!

    This one means a lot to me, because at the beginning of the decade, I was about to turn ten and honestly had very little idea about a lot of these discussion.. I am a proud ally of the trans community and have had my fair share of mental health matters. I honestly feel very lucky that I’m living in an age where I can watch change take its charge and create open communication. It’s really unfortunate that change can’t be a straight line, but we’ve come a long way and I think we’ve got enough to keep going. Here’s to more discussions and positive developments!

  4. 4. The #MeToo movement arose!

    Speaking of change, the #MeToo movement took off and gave women an outlet to speak their truths on sexual assault. While I was reading, I also found a movement in China called #RiceBunny, which represents the tactical social media response that allows the survivors to remain anonymous but still speak. This is common in other regions as well, where this type of anonymity is incredibly important.

  5. 5. About 32 million animals were adopted this past decade!

    Imagine walking into a room with 32 million dogs and cats...and they’re all just trying to love you for the rest of their lives. About 7.1 million of these little guys are ones that found their way back home to their owners, while the rest are getting completely new homes!

  6. 6. The first female won "Best Director" at the Oscars, among other minorities!

    Kathryn Bigelow is the only female to ever win best director at the Oscars, but she certainly won’t be the last. I feel like the ongoing commonality in this piece is the similarity in firsts. I think it’s a beautiful starting point, especially for this new decade. I’m also a massive film nerd, so it means a lot to see so much change in going into this specific industry. In a similar category, theater also saw a widespread change in diversity, with colorblind casting becoming more common, specifically in the most successful production: Hamilton. I love this production as much as the next musical geek, but what I found specifically powerful and revolutionary was the change it brought. Just one year after it was released, the Oscars specifically have doubled in their percentages of nominations, as well as more nominations going towards diverse storylines as a whole.

  7. 7. Over one million children were adopted in the past 10 years in the U.S.

    I can’t even process what that must feel like to walk into a courtroom with pure elation that you’re about to be a part of a family and legally be bound to these people that you love with your whole heart. I’m a sucker for any sappy story like this, and when I read exactly how many people were part of this, my heart absolutely exploded, so I hope yours did, too.

  8. 8. You're Here!

    I'm very well aware how absolutely cheesy and silly this is, but truly, you're here! That's a scientific miracle. You defied probability, lived through the 2010s, dragged all that other baggage that we bring to each new year, made someone's day somewhere and are still here. You're still kicking butt and killing the game. Life is hard, and you're about to take on another 10 years just like the little improbability you are. Yes, there are many good things in the world, and you are one of them!

So... 2019 may have been a crappy year, or maybe you just weren't terribly fond of the 2010s overall, which is perfectly fine! Maybe the roaring 20s are going to be your time, and that's freaking awesome. Whether you had a great decade or an exceedingly awful one, kick your feet up (even if it's just for a second, because hey, it's hard work trying to make these ten years great) and look at all these wonderful things that are here now and are on their way!