Debut Album Releases: Alternative/Indie Edition

The end of summer always seems to bring an influx of new music, giving me a reason to enjoy the season. In the past two months, three specific talents in the alternative realm have released debut albums for newfound fans to enjoy and future fans to discover. Each of these talents is new to the game, releasing their first tunes in 2016-2017. Now, in 2019 they have expanded their discography with full records and each one is wonderful in its own way.   

Sam Fender- Hypersonic Missiles

Released on September 13, Sam Fender's “Hypersonic Missiles” soared to number one in the UK Official Album Charts. Fender hit my radar in 2017 with his first single, “Play God,” a song which now holds a place among the 13 tracks on the new record. The 23-year-old from northeast England composes his work with honest, societally relevant lyrics, making his songs as meaningful as they are enjoyable. With a steady controlled voice that effortlessly glides from falsetto to low tones, Fender creates powerful alternative rock pieces that evoke emotion and make you want to shout along. 

Top Picks of the Album: 

  • That Sound

  • The Borders

  • Hypersonic Missiles

  • Dead Boys 

  • Will We Talk? 


Valley- Maybe

Toronto based alternative/indie group, Valley, released “Maybe” on September 17. With over four million streams on Spotify, Valley’s “There’s Still A Light In The House” made it onto my playlist in late 2018 and quickly became a tune I wanted to listen to daily. Flash forward to this present day, Valley is supporting The Band Camino on their U.S. tour prompting me to study up on the group's new music. The songs on “Maybe” are made for driving with the windows down, or for strolling around outside on a nice day; many of them have an effortless feel-good effect and the rest are soothing even when sad.

Top Picks of the Album: 

  • Sports Car

  • Park Bench

  • A Phone Call In Amsterdam 

  • Push For Yellow (Shelter)

  • There’s Still A Light In The House 


half•alive- Now, Not Yet

The half•alive trio released “Now, Not Yet” on August ninth. With sounds that pull from seemingly every genre, this group out of California creates songs that each maintains its own quirky quality. As a whole, this album begins to fall into the more indie-pop category and carries a steady upbeat and electronic tone throughout the tracks. The release of the single “still feel.” catapulted the band forward and grew their presence in 2018. With the release of the album, they have embarked on a headlining US tour which will be followed by a UK and EU tour beginning in late October. 

Top Picks of the Album: 

  • arrow


  • Maybe

  • Pure Gold

  • still feel. 

Each of the new records has its own sound and its own reason to be loved. They are definitely worth a listen if you enjoy alternative, indie and/or rock music and you can check out all of my top picks conveniently on this playlist: