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Dear Hairy Girls, Here is how to Get Rid of That Mustache… Permanently

To all the girls who grew up with a “girl-stache,” I feel your pain. The combination of having a Middle Eastern background and being diagnosed with PCOS only made the situation worse. I struggled with being a hairy girl my whole life and have tried every form of hair removal including waxing, tweezing, shaving, epilators, depilatory creams, and even laser hair removal. Trust me, I have tried EVERYTHING, or so I thought. 

The problem I had with these forms of hair removal is that none are permanent. Luckily, after some research I found a new way of hair removal called Electrolysis. After having my first session, I realized what a revolutionary method this is. First of all, electrolysis is the only FDA and American Medical Association approved form of PERMANENT hair removal. The way it works (which actually sounds scarier than it actually is) is your electrologist will insert an extremely fine needle (smaller than a hair follicle) into the opening of where the hair grows out. Once the needle is inserted, and electric current will flow through the needle and destroy the hair growth cell. Afterwards, your electrologist will remove the hair with tweezers.  

The reason I am promoting such an incredible method of hair removal is because unlike lasers, (which I was told my whole life would solve my problem) electrolysis works on all skin tones. Also, I am extremely happy to say how significantly less painful it is compared to laser. Now don’t forget the fact that you are killing hair growth cells in your body, meaning its not completely painless especially in more sensitive parts of your body (such as above the cupid’s bow). However, after talking with my electrologist, she told me that she has never had a client stop, cry, scream, or felt extreme pain. She even said she has had people fall asleep while working on them. Also, the majority of electrologists will have a numbing cream for you to use if you are sensitive towards any pain. Personally, I think it’s about as painful as getting your eyebrows threaded, maybe even less. 


In terms of cost, it is the cheapest I have ever paid for a hair removal treatment. For laser hair removal at the first facility I went to, I paid over a thousand dollars, and at the second facility I paid about two hundred for each session. Currently, my electrologist charges based on the amount of time spent on your hair, more specifically though, she charges about $35 per 20 minutes up to $75 for one hour. I’ve learned that most places will charge this way or by the size of the body part being worked on. 

I am so happy to be sharing what an awesome technique this is for so many women who have problems with unwanted body/facial hair.

Remember to do your research about any place you are getting these types of procedures done. 

MOST IMPORTANTLY, any place that makes you sign a contract is an immediate red flag. I have had my fair share of hair removal procedures gone wrong from places who made me sign a contact. 

Hi there! My name is Maria Sahlani. I am majoring in Fashion Merchandising with a double minor in Marketing and Fashion Media. I have a deep passion for fashion and also have a huge and (expensive) obsession with makeup. My many joys in life revolve around travel, food, music, and art. Most importantly I am a strong, empowered, opinionated- and stylish- woman and I strive to live a life that lifts women up in a world that tears them down.
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