Content to Satisfy Your True Crime Obsession

Amanda Knox (Documentary) 

Where to Watch: Netflix

Amanda Knox is a Netflix original documentary that follows the story of then-college student Amanda Knox who was accused of murdering her roommate while studying abroad in Perugia, Italy. Knox was sentenced to 26 years in prison, however, she was eventually acquitted of the crime. Now, viewers can learn more about this infamous case through Amanda’s own words and thoughts. This story is especially informative to anyone looking to spend time in another country, as often times the law, media and people’s rights can differ significantly. 

Crime Junkie (Podcast) 

Where to Listen: Spotify, Apple Podcast

This true-crime podcast is a personal favorite of mine and features two hosts Ashley and Britney as they release new crime episodes every Monday. The podcast covers everything from murders, disappearances, serial killers and conspiracies in the form of engaging storytelling. Something I love about this podcast is the hosts often cover crime stories that are lesser-known in hopes to gain listener awareness to sometimes still missing persons. Along with the original crime junkie podcast, a fan club version (yes, I am a member) is offered on Patreon, where for 10 dollars a month listeners can hear extra episodes each week which aren’t offered on the main podcast. If there is a story you think crime junkie should cover listeners can even go onto their website and put in episode requests. 

Conversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes 

Where to Watch: Netflix 

One of America’s most infamous serial killers shares first hand the methods behind his madness and the horror of his crimes through a series of confession tapes. You may think you know Ted Bundy’s story, but to hear the details through the killer’s own voice is a true-crime experience worth watching. 

Dateline (Series/ Podcast) 

Where to Watch: NBC, Hulu Live, Youtube TV

Where to Listen: Spotify

Dateline is a classic true crime favorite having aired on TV for more than 20 years. The show combines in-depth journalism with suspenseful storytelling to discuss crimes of murder, mystery and disappearance. There is also a podcast version of the TV series which allows viewers to listen to episodes while on the go.  

Evil Lives Here (Series) 

Where to Watch: Investigation Discovery, ID Go, Hulu Live

This true-crime series is unique in that the criminal’s story is told solely through the perspective of close and often loved family members. The show incorporates exclusive interviews and first-hand accounts for a personal and chilling look at the dark side of a loved one. By giving those closest to the criminals power in telling their story, viewers are given an almost empathetic twist in the world of true crime. 

Serial Killers (Podcast)

Where to Listen: Spotify 

Usually recorded in two parts, this podcast focuses on the story of a different serial killer each week. The hosts spend their episodes diving deep into their past and analyzing the psychology behind the criminal and the crime. This podcast is great for individuals who are interested in not only the what but the why, and want to learn more about some of the world's most infamous serial killers. 

Susan Powell: An ID Murder Mystery (Documentary)

Where to watch: Hulu, Investigation Discovery, ID Go

The story of a missing Utah woman Susan Powell gained significant media attention across the nation. Her husband denies having anything to do with her disappearance but there are many who feel differently. The crime is filled with twists and turns, suspicious family members and a tragic ending no one could have predicted. Susan’s disappearance, though tragic, can be seen as an important lesson in spotting the signs of emotional abuse and controlling behavior from a spouse. 

The Murder of Laci Peterson: (Mini Docuseries) 

Where to Watch: Hulu, ID Go

A Missing Person turned murder story that took over the nation and it’s media outlets, The Murder of Laci Peterson is filled with drama, lies, and unpredictable horrors. Peterson, 8 months pregnant at the time goes missing in Modesto California on Christmas Eve. Soon, the entire country seems to be focusing on Laci’s disappearance or more so her husband Scott’s involvement in it. Once the news hits, the media seemingly jumps at the opportunity to focus their lens onto his guilt, but is he actually?