Concert Review: Arlie Kicks Off Their Next Tour Leg in Cleveland

On Tuesday, November 27th, Arlie hit the road again and began their next tour in Cleveland at Beachland Tavern. With supporting act Briston Maroney, the up-and-coming alternative band will be playing venues though the beginning of December. Even though the dreaded winter weather has already begun, many came to support the band. 

Maroney opened up the show at 8:30 and wowed the audience with his vocals. Having a good balance of up-beat and slower songs, the crowd was engaged with Maroney the entire time. The bass player grabbed the attention of many in the crowd as well, as he was eccentrically committed to his performance. Briston’s hard-hitting performance allowed for the audience to feel his emotion throughout the set. Songs to check out from Briston:

Arlie then took the stage and started off their performance "Didya Think," a song that the crowd sang along with great enthusiasm. The band was in sync with each other the entire night and it was easy to tell that all members felt at home. Although only expecting the band to sing their released songs, they surprised everyone with some new music. 

Joking throughout their set, singer Nate Banks kept the audience enthused and made the show feel laid-back. At the same time, Banks' energy radiated into the crowd and allowed for an exciting performance. The most noticeable part of Arlie's set was during one of their new songs, when Banks' presence transformed into a more high-energy persona, that powerfully delivered the message "We're still young."

My favorite songs from the night were Water Damage and, take a listen below:

Both artists stayed after the show to greet and talk to the concert-goers. Both Briston and Arlie were very genuine and seemed very eager to be on the road and sharing their music with others. If either artists are playing near you, I would encourage you to check them out!