A Comprehensive Guide to Second-Hand Shopping

Though fast fashion and the Internet have made shopping for new clothes easier than ever, there's something magical about finding your new fave piece at a second-hand shop. It's a one of a kind item that you never would've found at the mall, and it was affordable! Not to mention, the fashion industry is the world's third-highest polluter- this makes second-hand purchases a more sustainable option. So sit back, grab a snack and learn some tips for your next Goodwill run.

  1. 1. Consider the Store Type

    To a first-time thrifter, it’s easy to make the mistake of thinking all thrift shops are created equal. There are charity shops like Goodwill, more curated consignment boutiques, and even vintage designer shops. The best fit for you will depend on budget, taste and overall shopping goal.

  2. 2. Take Your Time

    Thrift-shopping is different than shopping at the mall where cute pieces are easy and common to find. Instead of just skimming each rack, look at every item. And make sure to allot enough time for digging - it’s the best way to strike gold.

  3. 3. Venture Outside the Women's Section

    While you might have the most luck in the women’s section, you’d be surprised with how many great pieces are in the men’s aisles! The best band tees and flannels I ever thrifted were thanks to the men’s section of my local thrift store. Bonus tip: If possible, raid the kid’s section for shoes!

  4. 4. Don't Be Afraid to DIY Your Finds

    Everyone’s had this dilemma: you find the perfect piece you’ve been searching for, but it isn’t the right fit. It’s usually possible to take in a waistline, crop a t-shirt, or get out a stain. When you’re not spending as much as you would for a new item, it’s worth it to rehabilitate or even rework a well-loved piece.

  5. 5. When All Else Fails- Shop Online

    Though nothing beats the thrill of finding a great piece after hours of searching, online thrifting is often much more convenient. If you need a specific item or want a more curated experience, try Depop or ThredUp.