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Colorblind: Local Band Releasing a New Album

Colorblind is a local Indie rock band made up of two college students; Fletcher Dunham and Ryan Betts. The band released an EP in 2015, Old Faces and New, and is back to release a new album this summer. This album will be fueled with personal experiences and emotions, to create a more diverse sound that showcases each band member’s taste in music.  Inspired by past relationships and the feeling of being inadequate, this album is one most college students will be able to relate to. Her Campus sat down with band member Fletcher Dunham to learn all about the band’s journey to this album. Check out the interview below. 


Name: Fletcher Dunham

Age: 22

Year in school: Senior

Hometown: Youngstown


Her Campus: So tell me about what influenced this album?  

Fletcher Dunham: This album features a variety of subject matter. A lot of the songs cover  a relationship that I (Fletcher) was in for the past year or so. I also do a lot of self-analyzing, and most of the other songs are about me feeling inadequate and wanting to be a better person and friend.

HC: When will the album be released?  

FD: We don’t have an exact date yet, but as soon as it’s finished! We’re thinking late July or early August.


HC: How does this album compare to Colorblind’s previous music?  

FD: We grew a LOT from the last EP to this album; both as musicians and as people. So like I mentioned, we touch on a lot more personal subjects, including death and the loss of friends. But, musically we also have so many new influences and styles. We really feel like the album showcases our variety of tastes, no two songs sound alike. We’re very excited for everyone to hear what we’ve created!

HC: What mainly inspired the music behind this album? Any specific artists?  

FD: This album was influenced by some of our favorite bands, specifically Manchester Orchestra and Sorority Noise. Any particular song could be influenced by what I was listening to at the time.


HC: What all went into the production of your latest project? Did anyone help you produce it?  

FD: We had much more of a hands-on approach with this album. We did almost all of the recording ourselves, including drums, which was an interesting new challenge. As far as help, our friend Frank from Peace of Mind Productions recorded vocals, and even helped sing on a few tracks.  We mix and master with the help of Alan Quillin from Tin Rocket Studios.

HC: What genre would you classify this album as?

FD: I’d say it’s an indie rock album with some punk influence.


HC: You mentioned you are releasing an upcoming single, Weather-Beaten Boat, along with a music video. Tell me more about this, when will it be released?

FD: We actually just finished the song, and there are a couple more tweaks to be made to the video. But keep an eye out on our social media, we’ll be releasing it very soon!

HC: Do you have any upcoming shows?

FD: We’re playing at Mahall’s in Cleveland on May 27. Then we’ll be in Youngstown at Suzie’s Dogs & Drafts on June 16 and Magic Tree Pub on June 23. 

HC: Colorblind is known for frequently doing covers, who’s your favorite band or artist to cover?

FD: We like to do a variety of covers! Lately we’ve been doing a lot less covers than we used to, but we love doing anything by The Killers. I also very much enjoy making hip-hop songs into rock songs, like we did with Kanye West’s song Heartless.


HC: What’s your favorite part of being a member of this band?

FD: Honestly it’s just fun to make music with my best friends and express myself in a way that people can relate to. Writing music for the band becomes sort of a diary of sorts, and helps me cope with things. So that’s definitely cool.


HC: Where can people listen to your music?

FD: Anywhere you listen to music! We’re on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, BandCamp, and a bunch of other places!

HC: What’s next for the future of the band?

FD: Ryan and I are actually moving to Pittsburgh later this year, and we’re really stoked to start playing around there and hopefully get plugged in to the music scene.  Other than that, we don’t really know!


Stay updated on all things Colorblind, and follow them on social media: 

Twitter: @ohcolorblind

Instagram: @ohcolorblind

Facebook: facebook.com/ohcolorblind

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMnWNy5K7c1k4_QUIzCv3iA


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