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A Collegiette’s Guide to Midterm Elections

At some point in the past month, you probably heard someone mumble something about these things we like to call midterm elections. If you joined the conversation and put everyone to shame with your vast knowledge of all things politics; good for you! For the rest of us; however, here’s a breakdown of what you need to know this election season.

What are midterms?

Midterm elections take place two years into a president’s term. Instead of voting on the president, we choose senators, congressmen, and governors. This year, the elections will be held on November 4th.

What makes this year’s midterms important?

This year is crucial because, for the first time in eight years, the Republicans could potentially have control of the Senate. Since the Republicans already have the majority in the House, this would mean bad things for the Democrats.

What are the big issues?

You name it. Ebola, ISIS, money, gay marriage…they’re all factors.      

At this point, you might be thinking: well that’s all fine and good, but why should I care? We hear you. As collegiettes, you have millions of things to worry about that seemingly have nothing to do with what’s going down in Washington. This week, I asked some college women what they thought about voting. Here’s what I discovered:

Are you registered to vote?

Will you be voting in this year’s midterm elections?

Whether they plan on participating in elections this year or not, 100% of collegiettes said that it is important for women in college to vote. Why? Here’s what they had to say:

We are the ‘next generation.’ We have to show America that the new women entering the work force care about voting and are educated.

Because we are the future so we need to be educated and make our voices heard.

Gender inequality is still pervasive. As collegiate women, it’s especially critical that we are well-educated and politically involved. The decisions that are being made now will affect the rest of our lives.

Not only should women vote, we should inform ourselves about what is happening since it may directly impact us and/or our children

I think it’s important for “women in college” to vote because we should take full advantage of the opportunities we are given to voice our opinions and to have a say in the legislation presented before us.

Now that you know a little more about what exactly midterms are, hopefully you’ll feel inspired to go out and do your part this November 4th! The world is yours for the taking, collegiettes! Vote and make your voices heard.

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