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The Cleveland Flea: Is It Worth A Visit?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kent State chapter.

Being a fan of antique and vintage finds, I am always on the lookout for different events that fuel my shopping addiction. In addition to that, supporting small and local companies is something I strive to do in my daily life. The Cleveland Flea is something that combines both of these concepts, so it sounded like something I needed to explore. The flea now happens four times a year during every season. I decided to check out their spring flea to see if it’s worth the trip and what it has to offer.

Admission to the Cleveland Flea is four dollars, which is a pretty good deal considering all of the amazing vendors that are featured. Once walking in, booths are organized in sections from handmade creators, vintage finds, and amazing food. They make it super easy to keep organized and make a strategic plan if you are crazy about flea markets like I am.

Of course I ran straight to all the vintage booths, trying to snag as many unique pieces before anyone else could get to them. From clothing to little knick-knacks, there was something for everyone. One vendor that caught my attention was the Wandering Wardrobe, a fashion truck that holds both new and secondhand fashion items. The truck was just recently at the Fashion School here in Kent and I wasn’t able to make it over, so I was glad that I got to take a look at the flea.

Next to the vintage booths was all of the mouth-watering food vendors, so it was very hard to resist trying out a few things. My first stop was at Street Rolls, a food truck that had out-of-the-ordinary egg rolls. I thoroughly enjoyed their buffalo chicken rolls, which kept me satisfied until I decided on what sweet treat I would get. Eventually I made the ultimate move of getting mini donuts from Donut Lab, which did not disappoint. With an insane amount of options, you are bound to find some yummy food while shopping. 

Of course this trip wouldn’t be complete without a fun photo-op. The Cleveland Flea made that really easy for anyone looking for a cute candid of their time there, with a bright rainbow brick wall to a fresh flower wall. After I was full and completely shopped-out, I made sure I got a few fun pictures to remember the day. Even though it was a bit gloomy out, there was enough light to snag a good ootd photo. 

Overall, I think that the Cleveland Flea is definitely worth checking out if you love supporting small and local companies and creatives. It was really cool to see all of the amazing vendors that are in the surrounding area and how easily they are embraced by the community. With being able to pick up some fun and unique finds, I walked out very happy and pleased with my experience. If you are near the Cleveland area during one of their seasonal fleas, make sure to stop by!

Danica Garcia

Kent State '20

Danica Garcia is a Fashion Merchandising major with a Fashion Media minor at Kent State University.
Junior at Kent State, with a mojor in journalism and a minor in fashion media. I like to write about fashion, lifestyle and Harry Styles.