The Case for Conscious Clothing

I have a confession to make. I am a fashion major who hates shopping. I know, I know . . . but let me clarify! While I love learning about new brands and window shopping for ideas, I find that clothes I purchase solo just seem to sit in my closet or end up in my donation pile. So . . . maybe I have bad taste? Well, I sure hope not! Call me strange, but my favorite clothing came to me through clothing swaps, as gifts or bought on trips. Bottom line: I don’t think more is more! I think it’s wise to really curate our closets. It’s better for your wallet, keeps your sanity on busy mornings and is a more sustainable approach to fashion. 

Maybe I just seem frugal? Nope, that’s certainly not it - even though saving money is nice - it’s because of the story and peace of mind! Clothing attainted in my favorite ways makes me sentimental and reduces my carbon footprint! So, I guess maybe I should say I hate shopping in a traditional sense. I am not one to really enjoy strolling through a mall or shopping online. My purchases need to have a sense of adventure and companionship. Not seem cookie cutter. 

That’s why I love local stores!!! They rep your home and normally offer a more interactive shopping experience. I also love to thrift! I love being able to give old clothes a new life. Having a friend tag along is key because they can help you combat the racks and spot some fun new pieces. Also, you can create new looks afterward and have an impromptu photo shoot if your ‘fits are really aesthetic. It's such a fun hangout when you are ballin’ on a budget! 

Since our choice of apparel shows who we are, I enjoy reminiscing about certain items in my wardrobe. Whether it be a candy apple red J. Crew crossbody my aunt gave me (Thanks Lisa!), the perfect LBD my mom passed on (Love you, Mom!) or the shamrock green New Balance tennis shoes I bought in March in NYC (Fun trip, Liv!) - my look reminds me of the people and places I love. I adore the warm and fuzzy feeling I get when I throw these pieces on. 

I may be corny, but I think it’s a more interesting way to build a wardrobe. My way isn’t the right way for everyone; however, it is a pretty green way to approach fashion. 

Here are a few more of my fave articles of clothing and the memories that go with them: 

My fave bike t-shirt my friend Kelly got me at this quaint little record store in Cinci! 

Super cozy and durable Asics gifted to me by my Aunt Michelle for Christmas! I ran the NYC Half Marathon in these bad boys! 

Indie top my boss, Lauren, gave to me the first day of my internship at NOTO Boutique in Akron, Ohio! NOTO also hosts awesome clothing swaps two to three times a year if you are in the area and looking for a fun way to clean out your closet and attain some new pieces for free

I know I can’t be the only one with clothing tales. Tell us yours and tag @hercampus_kent

I wanted to end my advocacy for thoughtful shopping and dressing with a few of my fave shopping tips to help save your closet from being full of pieces you don’t wear and/or love: 

  • DON’T buy something you normally wouldn’t wear just because it’s on sale . . . I’m guilty! Just put down the impulse purchase! Spend your money on something you will really wear! 
  • The garment you wanted isn’t in stock, so you buy the next best thing . . . WRONG. Eventually, you will get rid of this substitute for the real deal. Never settle! Find something you love. 
  • DON’T buy something just because you can! I get the itch but don’t buy out of boredom unless you are investing in garments you really adore. The passion has to be there! You don’t want your credit card to be on fire because you got too carried away with a promotion such as: “BUY THREE, GET ONE FREE." DO YOU REALLY WANT OR NEED ALL OF THESE ITEMS? More is not always more. Simplify your life by having a closet full of clothes you really like to wear. It sounds easy on paper but can be hard to achieve IRL. 
  • DO look for new pieces while traveling and/or in great company. New places = great opportunity for unique pieces. Loved ones = shopping confidante that come in clutch helping you assess attire. Be wary of the devil’s advocate friend though! We all have one (hee hee!) 
  • Also, remember size matters! If your clothes fit nicely, you will be more apt to grab for them when getting dressed. It will also help you when you are in a pinch because you already know the piece looks good on you! Lastly, it will keep you feeling comfortable in your own skin. YAY CONFIDENCE! 

Reminder: You deserve the best!!!