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Campus Profile: Carmel Joseph

Name: Carmel Joseph

Age: 20

Major: Double major in Cultural Anthropology and Business Management. A double minor in Forensic Anthropology and International Business. 

Club involvement on campus: Jewish Holiday Coordinator on Hillel’s student board and president of the Anthropology Student Organization. 

Her Campus: Where are you originally from? 

Carmel Joseph: London, England


HC: At what age did you move to The United States?

CJ: I was 11-years-old, so about 9 years ago. My parents have their own business and wanted to expand to the U.S. 

HC: How was the adjustment from Europe/England to Ohio and/or The United States? 

CJ: Coming from London, it’s a really big city and no one really knows one another because everyone is moving around. It has become a very international city now, it used to be more just “British”. Coming to Ohio: I’ve loved it. I’m constantly surrounded by nature and everything is open. 

Carmel says it was a big transition, although the language is the same, the vocabulary is completely different. Some common words that would cause some confusion among friends included “torch” which in the states we call a flashlight, wellies which are rain boots and a boot which means a trunk. She says she loves it here though, especially the metroparks. 


HC: Why Kent State University?

CJ: My family lives in Pepper Pike, and I wanted to be close to home. I’m very close to my family and didn’t want to be apart from them. I loved the campus and the exploratory program which allowed me to combine various fields.


HC: You studied abroad last semester in Japan, what was that like? What is one of your favorite memories or craziest experience?

CJ: Japan was incredible; I was in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan. Everything in Japan is super convenient, bus stations are very close by along with the train station I used to commuted to Osaka sometimes; and the trains were never delayed. Food is amazing, even 7-11 had amazing Japanese food.

Crazy experience:

  • Karaoke is huge in Japan, and a great bonding experience. At karaoke this friend got really drunk and smashed the microphone and the door.
  • One time the train was late and that was scary because the announcements were in Japanese so the language barrier made it difficult to understand what was going on. 

Good memory: 

  • Arashiyama, it translates to storm mountain. I went there with a friend after a giant flood and at the top of the mountain they have a monkey park (shown in the picture above). 

HC: You have such amazing style, is there someone or something you get inspiration from?

CJ: Lana del Rey. I was very into 70s and 80s influence; but I prefer showing less skin.

My name is Alejandra Fishman, I am a senior Fashion Merchandising major at Kent State with a Marketing minor. Before attending Kent State I lived in Puerto Rico for the majority of my life and I am bilingual in English and Spanish. I love to travel with friends and family and I just got back from a semester abroad in Florence, Italy. I have a strong interest in sustainability and ethical practices in the Fashion industry, while sharing an equal love for film.
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