Campus Cutie: Tanner Dionne

Campus Cutie: Tanner Dionne

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Kent, OH

Major: Film with a minor in Writing

Favorite Food: Granola

What Does Your Go-To Outfit Consist Of?: Lot’s of color, lots of patterns, and lots of layers. Nothing about my style is simple. I don’t know if I ever match, but since my style is so genuine I don’t think it matters whether I match or not. I’m having fun when I get dressed and that’s seriously all that matters.

Celebrity Crush: Seth Meyers

Some Hobbies: Making art, collaging, playing ukulele, guitar and piano, and singing

Tell me a little about your art: My art is a lot of portraits of tired looking people who still have hope. I like fun colors and brutal truths so I try to incorporate both of those things in my work. My pieces consist of three main ideas:

       1)   Growing up and finding who you are is scary

       2)   Magic is all around us and fantastical things happen every day

       3)  No matter how lost you are, you will always find your way again

Top 5 Favorite Movies: Juno, Ghost World, Dear Lemon Lima, Spork, and The Village. But there are so many more! I mean I’m a film major because I love movies.

Some Interesting Things About Tanner: Most think this has something to do with my appearance, but that’s the last thing I think about. What’s most interesting about me is my lack of embarrassment and just how passionate I am about things.

How do you label yourself? Labels are for soup cans. Labels are safe, but they restrict you. But to answer your question- I describe myself not as an adult, but as a “former fetus." I find boredom in this world so I try to think of things in a fantastical way. I try to tap into that childhood imagination we all grow out of. The challenge with that is being imaginative without coming off as immature.

What you hope to accomplish in life: I want to help people with my content [movies, music, art, etc.] the way content helped me.

Where you’ll be in 10 years: Oh my God, I’ll be 30, ew. In 10 years, I’ll be making super cool content and probably not living in Ohio. I want to travel. Hopefully, in 10 years, I’m successfully sharing my voice with the world.