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By Tyshaia Earnest

We all can agree that eyebrows are a very essential feature of the face. I mean, could you imagine a world where everyone was browless? Strange, right? There are many types of eyebrow shapes, which complement and shape different faces. However, this year’s trend for eyebrows is all about the thicker the better. Thankfully, it’s easier to manage thick and wild brows than it is to maintain the thin brow trend from the early 2000’s. We are dreading thinner brows. We have all had that scare when the eyebrow lady says she is just going to “shape them up” then, you look in the mirror and she has taken half of your brow off. If you are like me, you freak out. We vow to drop all our plans and hide under a rock until they grow back. It takes so long to grow and maintain wonderful brows; How can I quickly get them back? After months of experimenting, I have successfully found the keys to growing them back thicker and better than ever in just a few short weeks. Below—are the impatient girls’ tips for growing back those eyebrows you either never had or got tragically ripped off 

Tip #1

Create a serum

To make this serum it will literally only take a few bucks and two minutes of your time. For this serum, you will need: Castor oil, Virgin Coconut oil, Vitamin E oil, a small container, and a makeup spoolie. First, Take the 3 ingredients and equally distribute them into the small container. Then, stir with the  spoolie (or a clean mascara brush) and WALAH; You have a new top secret formula for brows.  Apply this serum to your brows every night after washing your face.  Also, you cn massage your eyebrows for more effeciency. Then, get a good night’s rest. You will begin to see results in no time.

Bonus Tip:

Apply this serum to your eyelashes too (or anywhere that hair grows) and you will get the same results.


Slow your role

Please, do not be discouraged if you wake up the next morning and your brows are not as thick as Cara Delevingne’s. It does not work that way! Patience is key. To have magnificent brows it will take precious time but, it will be worth it just remember to apply this serum every night. Also, be sure to take before and after pictures just to prove to your friends that this DIY product does in fact work.


Tip #3

Leave them alone!!!

How can you grow fuller brows if you keep plucking and tweezing at them? If you feel your eyebrows are getting out of control and you need them to be tamed fill them in. Filling them in might be necessary because, while growing them out there might be bald spots or uneven patches.  Fake it until you make it while waiting for your naturally thick brows.

In 2016, the bigger the eyebrows the better and these three simple tips will help you get there. Help your friends that are forever struggling to achieve their desired brows by passing on these tips.  

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