Boosting your Own Self Confidence

I know personally that one bad day can really bring you down. It can be extremely hard to move past the negative things in your life. Sometimes it's harder to see how amazing our own lives are. Over this past summer, I started writing inspirational words or phrases on a post it note and then sticking them on my mirror. That way I would read them everyday when I went to get ready. By the end of the summer, my mirror was filled with positive comments towards myself. It would constantly serve as a reminder that my life is great, and that I should be proud of who I am. I would normally write on new post it notes a few nights a week. Simply reading "you rock" every morning always put a smile on my face and gave my confidence the boost that it needed.

I know that when I wake up in a bad mood all I want to do is go to class in sweatpants. In this situation I try to push myself to put on a cute outfit. I know that if I get myself ready for the day that I'll feel less groggy. A bomb outfit always makes me feel like I can rule the world. I will be able to take anything that is thrown at me, and possibly take some super cute snapchats.


I know that I am always look at the cheesy quotes on Pinterest. Honestly some of these quotes are so true and speak a lot through their simplicity. Life always goes on, and negative days always pass. Some days it is really easy to know your worth and feel very confident. Other days it feels like the whole world is against you. I have come to realize that most people experience feelings like this, and it makes you feel less alone. In these situations, I try to remind myself to simply keep smiling. I always try and find reasons, and ways to keep myself happy. It's not always that easy, but when you find these reasons it can make you feel very good about yourself.

All of these tips I have listed are the things that I personally find helpful. Different things make everyone feel better about themselves since everyone in this world is so unique. After reading this article I challenge you to write down some things that make you happy, and activities that make you more confident in yourself. After writing them down I encourage you to keep them in a spot that you visit frequently. It could be your mirror, bathroom, or even a journal. Now if you are every having a tough day you can look back on this list and remember the positive things that you enjoy in your own life.