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The Blair Waldorf’s of Kent State

Hey there Upper East Siders, Her Campus here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Kent State’s elite. It’s officially fall and you know what that means, the fashion students are stepping up their wardrobe, for runway shows are right around the corner.

SPOTTED! Two of our latest Blair Waldorf trendsetters were seen strutting their stuff across Kent State’s campus. Caught on camera in The Hub, these future Waldorf's glam it up with tulle skirts and high heels for the winter season.

Ms. Waldorf approves of the fashion students' outfits at Kent State University.

Spotted! Kalene Capilongo on her way to sorority extensions channeling her inner Blair Waldorf with a plaid shaw to stay warm and chic in the cold weather.

The Queen B herself can make any plaid garment a necessity for rising fashionistas! 

Kalene (pictured right) plays dress up and poses as The Queen B herself, but does she have competition? Her sorority sister, Gabby Discepoli (pictured left), may give her a run for her money, but what’s better then a little showdown? After all, there can only be one queen. 

Kalene Capilongo, a fashion merchanding major with a minor in marketing, has this to say about her Blair Waldorf style: "I like to be classy, yet chic. I always wear pearls with everything because I feel more like Blair Waldorf, they class up any outfit and adds maturity. I feel like people take you more seriously when you dress like Blair Waldorf, because of her sense of professionalism."

"If you want something, you don't stop for anyone or anything until you get it." Powerful and inspirational words from Blair Waldorf.

SPOTTED! Has Ali become the new Queen B based on her impeccible taste of clothing? That's a secret I'll never tell!

Tights are clearly the best way to stay warm while adding sophistication to an outfit for these chilly months. Blair herself is taking after some of the stylish students on Kent State's campus. Has she lost her touch? These fashionistas could be the beginning of a queen being overthrown.

(Above) Ali was caught on camera in the Governance Chambers sipping her Starbucks Vanilla Latte and plotting her next move: to buy Prada or Dolce? 

Little Ali (pictured left) don't forget who the real queen is, you may want to be the Queen B but don't forget, you can't just be anyone and sit at the top of the Met steps. Your sister Katherine Soucie (pictured right) may give you a run for the title.

Alison Soucie, a fashion merchandising major with a minor in public relations, has this to say about her Blair Waldorf style: "My style is classy, sexy and sophisticated. To dress like Blair you have to dress sassy, with high necklines and heels, pearls, all gold jewelry. I try to stand out in a very classy way while still being attractive and feminine. Blair is an inspiration to me because she has a good head on her shoulders, and is a good role model for women. She doesn't let people stop her from what she wants to do, and she demands a higher standard from people, and I believe that is the epitome of her success."

For now the queen will continue to reign over the Upper East Side. Maybe the next queen will hail from Kent State? But that's a secret I can't reveal, for only time will tell.

That's all I have for today. But as I'm away, the mice will play.

You know you love me.


Her Campus 

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