The Best of Yik Yak at Kent State

Since its inception in 2013, Yik Yak has served as a platform for people to anonymously share their thoughts and experiences with users up to 10 miles away. The mobile app flourishes on college campuses, and Kent State University is no exception.

The posts (or Yaks) on the app range from educational to disturbing, but they all offer some level of shameless entertainment. Think of Yik Yak like your favorite trashy TV show or a trainwreck– no matter what happens, you can't look away.

Here are some of the Yik Yak highlights from this past week:

These chilly mornings have us like...

Don't worry. We've all thought this at some point.

They do miss you. We promise.

But really; is Dexter getting caught in this episode or not?


The rivalry lives on. Kent State students will stop at nothing when it comes to trash-talking Akron.

Our apologies to our friends, the Zips. We feel for you.

Punny...very punny.

See Akron, we hate on Kent too. 

Is this a plug for my Yik Yak fame or a screenshot from a friend? The world may never know.

Ah. Nothing says "fall is here" like a Pumpkin Spice Latte and a sub-par midterm grade.

 At least campus is pretty. Right?

Gym before...him?

Props to you! 

Freshmen: so innocent and full of life. 

We trick-or-treat. What else would we do?

Just another example of society's unattainable beauty standards. 

Green map, you're beautiful too.

When the infamous protestors get in the way of your daily Einstein's run... 

PSA: Neither squirrels, nor girls, like being chased for the sake of a Snapchat video. Leave us alone.

Occasionally, you'll come across something that can only be described as "pure genius." 

Why isn't this a thing yet?

We're so sick of that same old love.

It tears us up.

Sometimes, college gets the best of us.

*This isn't how it looked on Pinterest*

Have they no decency?

It's hard to be philanthropic on a budget.

Talk to me at the end of the semester when I'm trying to blow the rest of this Premier Plus Plan.

Keep Yakkin', Flashes.