The best gifts for everyone in your life

The holidays are finally right around the corner, which is awesome because of gifts and food. But, most of us probably spend more time thinking of what we want versus what other people want as their holiday gifts. So, to make things a little less stressful for when you leave your shopping until last minute, here are some great gift ideas!

For Mom:

Honestly, moms will like anything you get for them. If it came from you it’s the best gift ever. But, if you want to get your mom something she will actually like, something for the house is a safe bet. Decorating each room and adding candles and frames is every mother’s favorite past time. A candle set from Bath and Body Works, a fancy framed photo, new hand towels for the kitchen or unconventional salt and pepper shakers like these from Etsy would be perfect!

For Dad:

Who even actually knows what dads like? This is probably the hardest person on the list to shop for. Unless your dad has specifically said what he wants, it’s probably best to keep it simple. A new watch or coffee mug would work and if he drives a lot, a subscription to xm radio. Those should do the trick and who even knows what men like anyway?

For your Boyfriend:

Depending on how much you like him this could be very easy or pretty tough. You probably get him to do a lot of things for you so spending a bit more on him wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. You can never go wrong with a sports jersey of his favorite player or that new Xbox game he’s been talking to his friends about. Also, I just saw there is now a keychain you can add to your key ring and sync with your iphone, so you can find your keys in minutes. Definitely something for a boyfriend.

For your Best Friend:

This is definitely the easiest person to shop for on your list. You know her better than you know yourself and she will basically love anything you get for her. Try some monogrammed wine glasses, the Tarte matte lip paint kit from Ulta, a heated blanket or a couple cute coffee mugs.

For your Sister:

This girl puts up with all of your crap and loves you unconditionally, get her something nice. If she likes make up, buy her a subscription to boxycharm or ipsy so she can test out new beauty products each month. Or if that’s not her thing, a Kate Spade wallet or Kendra Scott earrings should do the trick. The earrings come in all different shapes and colors and some even have matching necklaces if you want to really be nice.

For that girl you don’t know so well:

Every year everyone has a secret santa with a bunch of people and you just never know who you will need a gift for. You could choose someone you know really well or someone you have only spoken to once. Anyway, there seems to always be situations where you have to guess what someone may like.  In this case, you can never go wrong with the classic Starbucks gift card, a Victorias Secret water bottle and phone case, a tank with their sorority letters/school or a bunch of different candy. You can really never go wrong with food.


Goodluck with your shopping everyone!