The Best Board Games Based on Your Major

If you had a childhood similar to mine, board games were a huge part of a growing up. Now that you're in college you may think you’ve outgrown them, but board games are still relevant. Much like college courses, they allow us to practice specific skills. The variety of board games available makes it possible to find one for any major.

English Majors: Scrabble

“I play ‘Pizazz’ for 45 points.”“Job well done! You’ve proven to be very verbose.”

Business Majors: Monopoly

“Okay team, before we start, let’s set up a business model and discuss the best strategy.”

Art Majors: Pictionary

“I brought my acrylic set. Go big or go home.”

Theater Majors: Scene It.

“One day, people will be answering trivia questions about us!”

History Majors: Trivial Pursuit

“What year was Kennedy assassinated?”“1963.”**Discussion over the major conspiracies in US history commences.

Pre-Med: Operation

“Scalpel please. I must remove an apple from the patient’s trachea.”

Math Majors: Equate

“This is so much better than Scrabble.”

Architecture: Jenga

“This untouched tower is an exceptional example of symmetry.”

Dance Majors: Twister

“Left foot: red. Left arm: green. Right foot: green. Right arm: red. No problemo.”

Anyone and Everyone: Cards Against Humanity

"Get ready, it's time to unleash everyone's 'horrible person.'"

You and your friends can make a relaxing night out of these board games and any others that you'd like. Afterall, college is stressful so, every once in a while, do what you can to slow down.

Happy gaming everyone!