The Band Camino: The Love Of The Game Tour

The Smiling Moose, a small venue above a bar in Pittsburgh, was filled to capacity on Friday, February eighth as 200 fans of The Band Camino prepared for night 11 of The Love Of The Game tour to begin.

The show kicked off at eight with the Nashville based opening act, Hardcastle. The pop-rock group pumped up the crowd with songs like “Back to You” and “I Never Knew”.

The Band Camino began their electric performance with their new single “Something To Hold On To”, a song to which the crowd had already memorized the lyrics only two weeks after its release.

Hailing from Memphis, The Band Camino, formed around three years ago and since their start, have released two EP’s and multiple singles. On Spotify, they have racked up millions of streams and their song “Berenstein” found its way onto Taylor Swift’s Spotify playlist, Songs Taylor Loves.

Lead singer, Jeffery Jordan delivered his mesmerizing vocals with dedication and put just as much energy into his keyboard and guitar playing. Throughout newer singles such as “Less Than I Do” to songs that started it all, like “Free of Charge,” Jordan sang the powerful notes with perfect clarity.

Spencer Stewart, who takes on piano, guitar and synth for the group displayed equally powerful vocals as he took the lead on songs such as “The Black and White” and “Know Me.” On top of quality singing, Stewert was up close and personal with the crowd during the dynamic guitar solos he played with passion. Also carrying the pop-rock songs were Graham Rowell on bass and Garrison Burgess on drums, each contributing just as much enthusiasm to the performance.

The Love Of The Game is the bands first headlining tour, and each one of the 25 shows is sold out. While Pittsburgh was the smallest gig, it made the experience that much more personal. This night was one to remember, and The Band Camino is a group you don't want to miss.