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The Bachelorette: Hometowns RECAP!

Hometowns are my favorite episode of every Bachelor/Bachelorette season. Why? Easy—we finally get to see how and why the contestants are the way that they are. Nothing explains the behavior of someone better than their families. So, will we find out why Luke P. went psycho the whole season? Will we meet the people who raised Tyler C. and Peter to respect women so wonderfully? And who could forget about Jed…do you think his parents will mention the alleged “serious” girlfriend he had before he came on the show?

Okay, enough rhetorical questions. Let’s dive in.


What a great way to start the night. No Luke drama. In fact, no drama at all! Peter finally got to show us his flying skills as he flew Hannah around in a private plane right before meeting his family. Peter’s entire family seemed like they came out of a movie…perfect. We saw a lot of happy tears during this hometown with Peter’s dad tearfully telling him “I just want the best for you,” and a sincere conversation between Peter’s mom and Hannah. Peter’s hometown was one of my favorites in Bachelorette history—which means a lot considering there are 15 seasons.

Overall rating: 9.5


Tyler has spoken very highly of both of his parents since the beginning of the show, so it was nice to finally meet the people who raised him to be the man that he is. Hannah had a surprisingly heartfelt conversation with Tyler’s younger brothers who told Hannah how Tyler stepped up and was his family’s rock during their dad’s health scare. Hannah expressed her concerns of Tyler not being ready to propose in a couple weeks, but her worries were put to rest after this hometown date. I used to think Tyler wasn’t genuine once I saw his ab-filled Instagram and sometimes cheesy comments, but boy was I WRONG. I think everyone in America loves this man.

Overall rating: 9


Do I even have to talk about this? Because I don’t want to. But I will. Luke’s dad had a sort of arrogant presence to him which it seems as if he definitely passed onto his son. However, Luke’s mom was reserved and sincere; maybe Luke has those traits somewhere deep down inside the depths of his hostility and instability. This date went pretty well, aside from Luke telling his “I had sex with a lot of girls until God talked to me in the shower and told me not to” story for the 105th time this season. Hannah admitted to the cameras that she was falling in love with Luke, almost saying she was in love with him already. Why, Hannah? WHY!?

Overall rating: 6.5


Ahh, Jed. If his family knew of the alleged girlfriend before he came on the show, they certainly didn’t act like it. It’s hard for me to judge Jed and think negatively about him before he can speak up for himself. (Note: Jed, and all other contestants, are bound by contract to not say anything about the show or about their personal lives until the season has finished airing.) However, it is really hard for me to stick up for Jed when he plays his guitar and sings any chance he can get. I also want to say something…JED’S VOICE KIND OF SUCKS. Maybe coming on the show was smart, the man needs all the help he can get.

Overall rating: 7

Where normally the Bachelorette would send one man home and take three to the Fantasy Suites, Hannah chose to keep all four men. Can she do that? Why the heck not! It’s a T.V. show, yes. But, don’t forget this is actually real life and Hannah can’t just send home someone she needs more time with. Looks like she’ll be one lucky girl next week…*ahem* if you know what I mean. 

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