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The Bachelor Week 7: Heading into Hometowns

This week, Colton brought his seven ladies to his hometown of Denver, Colorado

Tayshia’s One-on-one

As uneventful as this date may have seemed, it was the most low-key and realistic date we’ve seen all season. Even Tayshia herself says this date made her feel like a regular couple with Colton. We saw the pair explore Denver, cook dinner together and end the night with her in his football jersey…in his bed. I’m surprised Chris Harrison didn’t pop up with a PSA reminding viewers of Colton’s virginity.

Anywho, Colton seems more and more smitten with Tayshia, making multiple hints at having a future with her. Tayshia has been a front-runner all season, and we haven’t seen much drama surrounding her – until this week. Tayshia decided to tell Colton about a certain conversation she heard between Caelynn and Cassie. Supposedly, the two spoke about what it would be like to be the next Bachelorette, which triggered Tayshia. But let’s be real, I don’t think there is one single girl who came on this show “just for love with Colton.” Almost everyone comes on the show thinking, “At least if I don’t win over Colton, I’ll get hella Instagram followers. Or maybe even be on Bachelor in Paradise…” 

Tayshia ended up receiving a rose leading her into hometowns next week.

Caelynn’s One-on-one

Oh, boy. Production was really about showing us conversations over the fun, exciting dates this week. During Caelynn’s date, we saw the couple skiing for about five minutes, and then we quickly moved on to their date in the mountains addressing Tayshia’s concerns. While there are obviously two sides to every story, especially with girl drama, Caelynn didn’t have much to defend herself with other than reassuring Colton that what he heard is fabricated and only she knows how she feels and what is going on in her mind. Understandable. Later, Caelynn told Colton she’s falling in love with him, and he reciprocated the feelings as well. 

After a lot of talking and opening up, Colton gave Caelynn a rose, confirming that he wants to meet her family and believes she is ready for marriage.

Hannah B.’s One-on-one

It only seems right that Colton would go see his family while in his hometown. To Hannah’s surprise, they took a trip to his family’s house where she met his parents and got to sit down with his mom and talk about Colton. While Hannah is thinking she’s a shoo-in at this point for hometowns next week, Colton is on the opposite side of the spectrum. Turns out, the date was filled with false hope for Hannah. To me, this date was cruel, and Colton was definitely leading Hannah on the whole time. 

Colton repeatedly says during his interviews and time with his parents that Hannah is not the one for him, and he doesn’t see himself with her. So why take her to meet his parents?! However, Colton didn’t say goodbye to Hannah until the end of their date later that night. Once again, Colton was warned about listening to the “talk” between the girls, and to trust his gut. This was the fourth girl to warn Colton about distractions and falling for the wrong people.

Group Date

This date actually seemed relaxing, besides all the drama surrounding the conversation with Tayshia which was still carrying over into this date. This time, Kirpa took her turn to spill the beans and express her concerns about Cassie not being ready for marriage or even an engagement. The 23 year old denied Kirpa’s words and thoroughly expressed that she has strong feelings for Colton.

Let’s talk about Hannah G. What a gal. Through the drama and awkward silences, Hannah sat there absorbing it all, focusing on her relationship with Colton rather than getting caught up in something that doesn’t concern her. Colton even expresses his clarity over knowing that he wants Hannah to stay and to meet her parents. Hannah was the first to receive a rose during this date.

At the end of the night, Colton sent Kirpa home after an affirming conversation with Caelynn who urged Colton to believe in Cassie and forget the hearsay. Although Cassie and Caelynn are good friends, I found it kind of strange that she went out of her way to make sure Colton kept Cassie around while she is also competing for Colton’s love. Where can I find friends like Caelynn?

Cassie, Caelynn, Hannah G. and Tayshia are headed into hometowns for Colton to meet each of their families in week eight.

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