Bachelor: Week 5

Heather's One-on-one 

She's done it, ladies...Heather had her first kiss on national television. The 23 year old shared with us from night one that she has never been kissed. While it seemed outlandish for the tall, skinny, beautiful blonde to have gone her whole life without a simple kiss, she's stuck to her story for five weeks. Besides, who would want to make that stuff up anyway? 

Colton was hesitant to "plant one" on her, but throughout their date, Heather insisted she was ready for her first kiss and there was no need to hold back. After much hesitation and a few awkward moments, the couple kissed on the beach after fireworks, literally, began going off. 

Elyse's Departure

After showcasing her as an obvious front-runner, Colton had to say goodbye to Elyse as she sent herself home during this episode. Every season seems to have a contestant who just can't stand the thought of sharing a house with 10 other women who are all dating the same man. The scene was played up a bit too much as it became more dramatic and emotional the longer they spoke. Colton seemed pretty torn up about Elyse's decision to go home, but he didn't really try to fight to keep her there. Regardless, the conversation sparked a lot of emotions out of both of them, ultimately resulting in the pair saying their goodbyes. 

Group Date

When in Thailand, eat bugs in the jungle. Ha. Once again the women were basically forced into munching on some bugs, looking at elephant poop and pulling eels out of the bushes. Did I mention it poured down rain on this date? (Another date you can definitely count me out on).

Hannah B. was the first to tell Colton that she's falling in love with him. Although it may be a bit early on to confess feelings of love, Colton smiled ear-to-ear after hearing this from Hannah. 

Despite the sweet moments Colton shared with women like Tayshia and Hannah B., the claws came out for the other women on this date. Demi stirred the pot per usual with Onyeka and Nicole. Onyeka went to Colton with news she heard about Nicole's ingenuity, causing a battle between the two women. Eventually, all of the women chimed in on this issue, taking sides. Women are so entertaining, aren't we?

Cassie's One-on-one

FINALLY. Cassie has emerged slowly but surely into a fan favorite, and apparently a favorite to Colton. During her date, each of the women spoke about Colton and Cassie's relationship saying that Colton has "heart eyes" whenever she's near. Production hasn't showcased Cassie too much, which could mean one of two things: we shouldn't get our hopes up...or Cassie is going real far in the competition for Colton's heart.

The beginning of this date had zero substance, unless you count making out passionately in the ocean, a date with a lot of depth. On the second part of the date, we were able to hear a lot more talking and see a lot less kissing. It's obvious that Cassie and Colton are smitten at this point, but a lot of the comments and scenes seem to be focused around physical attraction rather than emotional.

Eventually, Cassie gave us some substance and began speaking about her family and keeping the status of her virginity from them. It still is unfortunate that virginity is the center of this season, but the conversation during this date showed us a bit more of Cassie's sensitive side.

Who went home?

We were left with a cliff hanger, and there was no Rose Ceremony tonight but instead will air next week. Stick around to find out who goes home!