The Bachelor: Week 3 Recap

Let’s dig right in.

Group Date 1:

The first group date was mildly entertaining. We have a lot to talk about here. But first, can I ask why these girls collectively show up in sports bras and leggings? Is it necessary to show midriffs when participating in a mock pirate show?

Early on, we were introduced to the Caelynn and Hannah B. drama (You may remember last week’s cringe-worthy date with Hannah B. where she toasted to “Roll Tide!”). During the group date, Hannah B. showed a different, more vulnerable side of herself where she literally couldn’t stop worrying about Caelynn and Colton.

This is the part where someone should step in and remind Hannah B. what happens to the girls who tattle on each other...they only make themselves look worse.

Whether Hannah B. is justified or not, we don’t know (nor do we care) about the Miss USA Pageant drama.

At the end of the date, we saw Hannah confront Colton about her problems with Caelynn which resulted in Colton having a chat with both women. Caelynn seemed caught off guard, but handled the conversation with grace and maturity. I give her major brownie points for not giving in to the drama.

Side note: Caelynn and Colton end up talking about Hannah B. at the pool party before the rose ceremony.  People were thrown under the bus. Words were said. It is what it is.

Ugh, Demi. Personally, I can not stand her, but she’s here for the entertainment so we’ll view the glass as half full. Demi persists in her “cougar” comments where all she does is hate on the older women (older meaning 26+).

Has anyone gotten nervous, school boy vibes from Colton? Every potential kiss seems forced and awkward. I can feel the awkwarness from my living room couch.


One on one:

Elyse is a front-runner for sure at this point. To me, whenever the date involves kids, it’s a test for the contestant to see if they’re ready for motherhood or even just the next step in the relationship in general; I’d say she passed.

The cringe-worthy moment of this date was the live concert. We’ve seen the concert date where the couple dances on a small stage in front of a huge crowd multiple times, and it doesn't get any less strange. Kudos to the girl who can make the best of it and not die of embarrassment. 

Group Date 2:

There's not too much to say about this one- except for the fact that I could never ever push a 150 pound tire across a dirt path. Not happening. But in this case, the contestants were forced to show off any body strength that they had through a rigorous muscle training exercise and competition. Some girls definitely surprised me on this one; I was impressed. I bet the girls who came on this show thinking that they were going to be in a helicopter flying to a private island were very disappointed after this date.


Rose Ceremony:

At the end of the night, Colton said goodbye to Nina, Bri and Catherine. That’s it for now, Bachelor fans! Thanks for sticking around until the end of this, or in the words of Nicole, gracias papi.